Predator Vs Wolverine Is Really Happening


In an unprecedented crossover event, the Predator, the extraterrestrial species famed for its role in the science fiction franchise, will be pitted against Wolverine, the iconic mutant hero from the Marvel Universe. This epic hunt, officially announced by Marvel Comics today, will see the Predator unleashed in the Marvel Universe for the very first time (via Blood Disgusting).

The Predator will embark on a vicious hunt, stalking Wolverine across decades of Marvel Comic history. The much-anticipated series, titled Predator vs. Wolverine, is set to hit the shelves in September 2023.

An All-Star Team Behind the Scenes

predator vs wolverine

Credit: Marvel Comics

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This crossover is set to be a four-issue limited series, penned by acclaimed writer Benjamin Percy. Percy is renowned for pushing the boundaries of Wolverine’s ferocious spirit in the character’s ongoing solo series. Joining Percy is a host of all-star artistic talent, including Greg Land, Andrea Di Vito, Ken Lashley, Kei Zama, and many more.

The series will unfold a bitter rivalry between Wolverine and a Yautja, the extraterrestrial species known as Predators, who’s been stalking Wolverine since his earliest days. This never-before-seen encounter is sure to bring the bloodiest hunters in all pop culture to their knees.

The Epic Hunt Unfolds

The series promises to showcase the untold greatest battles of Logan’s life, against a Predator. One Yautja seeks the greatest prey in existence – and finds it in Weapon X, the codename for Wolverine. From the blood-ridden snows of the Canadian wilderness to the sword-slinging streets of Madripoor, Wolverine and a Predator break everything in their paths on their way to the ultimate victory…or glorious death.

Percy’s Personal Connection

Regarding the groundbreaking story, Percy said, “I’m not going to say I was born to write this crossover… but sometimes the universe reveals why you were created.” Having grown up in the eighties, Percy watched Predator countless times and read numerous Wolverine comics. “The mythologies of both are ingrained in me so deeply they might as well be strands of DNA or wisps of soul,” Percy shared, expressing his deep personal connection to both franchises.

The writer promises that this epic hunt will span decades, as both Wolverine and the Predator learn, harden, and grow deadlier with time. “Neither will have time to bleed, but you better make time to read, because I’m putting everything I’ve got into this event, and I’m thrilled to join forces with some of the best artists in the business,” Percy added.

When will Predator Vs. Wolverine be released?


Credit: Marvel Comics

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The first issue of Predator vs. Wolverine is slated to go on sale on September 20, 2023, marking a thrilling new chapter in comic book history.

The comic book universe is undoubtedly buzzing with excitement, as fans eagerly await the arrival of this monumental crossover. With Predator’s entry into the Marvel Universe, an epic showdown with Wolverine is set to unfold, promising an unforgettable spectacle for fans of both franchises.

What do you make of this news? Will you be picking up this Predator vs. Wolverine comic book when it’s finally released? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    Kind of misleading showing a shot of Hugh Jackman, when this is a comic series, having nothing to do with the live action portrayal. Still sounds cool, just misleading to imply.

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