Popular Netflix Shows That Are Returning In 2023

Ginny And Georgia Seasons 3 And 4 Renewed By Netflix

There are exciting plans on the way! Some of our favourite shows will be back on Netflix very soon. Netflix has renewed many of its most beloved and diverse shows again due to ratings, and some seem to be back simply due to popular demand.

With renewed seasons pending for 2023 and 2024, here are some popular shows that have been confirmed to return to our screens.

Top Boy is coming back to Netflix for a final season


Credit: Netflix

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Top Boy returns with its fifth and final season in September 2023. Sully and Dushane are back. In the short new trailer, Kano, who plays Sully, exclaims, “If we’re not monsters, we’re food. And I could never be food.’’

The drama-packed gang-based show left fans hooked at the end of the last season, leaving us all to wonder what on earth will happen next.

Cobra Kai’s sixth and final season is coming


Credit: Netflix

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Cobra Kai, the sequel to The Karate Kid (1989) returns with its new and last season (season six.) The show’s creators mention ‘‘the upcoming season six will mark the conclusion of Cobra Kai. While this may be bittersweet for the fandom, the Miyagiverse has never been stronger.’’

The season’s release date announcement has been delayed but confirmed to be this happening this year.

That’s 90’s Show is getting another season on Netflix

That 90’s Show, a reboot of That 70s Show, returns with season two this year. There is no confirmed release date yet. Season two is rumoured to show Leia return to Point Place either for the Christmas holidays or the summer to see her grandparents and hang out with her friends.

There’s a potential love triangle too between Leia, Jay and Nate to look forward to as well.

Ginny & Georgia Seasons 3 and 4 are also coming

Ginny And Georgia Seasons 3 And 4 Renewed By Netflix

Credit: Netflix

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Ginny & Georgia one of the most popular Netflix shows this year, will be returning with seasons three and four. The show has attracted fifty-two million member households who engaged with the show in its first twenty-eight day. Fans will be waiting on tenterhooks after the ending of season two. The show is speculated to return in early 2025.

Love Is Blind Season 5

Season five of Love is Blind will be returning in September 2023. The much-loved ten-part series, hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, will be back with new contestants in Autumn 2023. An exact date is yet to be confirmed. Get ready for the messy, chaotic, cringy love lives of this new group of singles.

Mo Season 2

Critically acclaimed Netflix drama, Mo, starring Mo Amer, will be back for season two, which will be the final season. There is no set date for release, yet it has been confirmed to be in autumn 2023. The show’s first season created so much buzz around Mo and his tale of being an immigrant in the US, and of almost being deported. Fans are anticipating the new series imminently.

Stranger Things Season 5 (the final season)

Stranger Things Ending Will Be Bittersweet Says Star

Credit: Netflix

Fans have waited about a year now for Stranger Things season 5 to return. The final season has finally been confirmed to return in 2024. Season four was jam-packed with action as we saw that the residents of Hawkins were troubled from the US to Russia, and Max was in the thick of it with Vecna.

Due to the Writers Guild of America strike, this new season has taken a while to reach our screens. Filming has been rumoured to start in May 2023, and it has been confirmed by the Duffer Brothers that sadly, this will be the last season of Stranger Things.

What do you make of this feature? Are there any returning Netflix shows that you’re excited about that we missed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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