Pierce Brosnan In Doctor Fate Suit Revealed


Pierce Brosnan will be playing Doctor Fate in the upcoming Black Adam movie, and we finally have our first real look at the actor in the superhero’s suit in the movie. You can check out the former James Bond actor in his Doctor Fate suit via the Black Adam new teaser trailer below.

I remember when it was announced that Brosnan had been cast as Doctor Fate in the upcoming Black Adam movie, I couldn’t believe it. I genuinely believed that it was incredible casting. I also remember thinking that Hollywood had passed on the former Bond actor on too many occasions. He deserves this incredible opportunity to play one of DC Comics’ most interesting and iconic superheroes in Doctor Fate. Actually, his casting was the main reason why I wanted to watch this movie. I’m not that interested in watching another Dwayne Johnson Hollywood blockbuster. But, throw Pierce Brosnan into the mix, and I am very, very intrigued.

Pierce Brosnan looks great in the Doctor Fate suit

Pierce Brosnan Doctor Fate

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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So, this latest Black Adam teaser trailer, called Darkness (because, of course it is…), shows a little bit more new footage from the movie. One of the bits that interested me the most in this teaser was the moment when you see Brosnan actually in the Doctor Fate suit. Before now, we just saw the massive version of the superhero. We also saw some shots of Brosnan holding the superhero’s golden helmet. However, there have been no shots revealed of him in the actual suit, until now.

Doctor Fate is a rather odd DC Comics character. There have been many Doctor Fates in the comics. The character started off by fighting supernatural forces, and was often fighting alongside the Lords of Order and Mesopotamia deities. The character’s main enemy in the comics was the Lords of Chaos. Over time, the powers of Doctor Fate were imbued upon mortals to act on Nabu’s behalf and the Lords of Order.

Black Adam’s trailer has us very excited to see the movie!

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The very first mortal to be imbued with the powers of Doctor Fate was Kent Nelson. Then there was the Strauss family and a bunch of other people over the years. Pierce Brosnan will be playing the Kent Nelson version of the character in the upcoming Black Adam movie. The first Black Adam movie is going to be released in cinemas in the United States and the United Kingdom on October 21st, 2022. So, we don’t have too long to wait before we are finally getting to watch the film.

The movie is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who’s worked with The Rock before on Jungle Cruise. It seems as though the pair really enjoyed working together. Collet-Serra’s previous work includes movies such as House of Wax (2005), Orphan (2009), and The Shallows (2016). However, he might be best known for his work with Liam Neeson in thrillers such as Unknown (2011), Non-Stop (2014), Run All Night (2015), and The Commuter (2018).

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Pierce Brosnan play Doctor Fate in the upcoming Black Adam movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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