People Are Calling Emma Stone’s Cruella ‘Disney’s Joker’ After The Trailer Lands


The first trailer for Disney’s Cruella film has landed and people are now saying that Emma Stone is basically playing ‘Disney‘s Joker’ in the movie. This has lead to the hashtag #DisneysJoker trending on Twitter.

I was pretty excited when they revealed that Disney had cast Emma Stone to play Cruella in a solo movie about the character. It could be called a Cruella origins movie, and I actually think that’s a movie that’s worth making.

It also helps that Stone is perfect in the role, and the trailer really showed that to be the case. She’s the only American actor in recent times to do a good British accent! Incredible.

People also saw a likeness between her Cruella and The Joker and they’re calling her ‘Disney’s Joker’, which I really think is a good way to describe her. Check out what people tweeted below.

Emma Stone’s Cruella is Disney’s Joker

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After watching the trailer, I really got really big Joker-vibes from Emma Stone’s performance, and I think this will be a big film for both her and Disney. People are also saying there’s a lot of Harley Quinn there, but I think she’s a bit more maniacal than that character. More evil, let’s say. I mean, she does try to kill beautiful dalmatian puppies to make a coat! Not even The Joker would do such a thing!

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing Emma Stone play Cruella De Vil in Cruella? Did you like the film’s trailer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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