Paramount Making New Korean Shows That You Should Be Looking Forward To

Paramount Making New Korean Shows That You Should Be Looking Forward To

Another streaming platform expands its Korean shows library as Paramount Plus ups its K-drama game with two new original dramas. Definitely more than the Star Trek and Yellowstone franchise, Mayor of Kingstown, The Good Fight, the video game adaptation Halo, and so much more titles, Paramount carved its place in the streaming arena with a strong entry to the K-drama line.

The streaming service went off with a great start with its KDrama line through its very own Yonder, which registered as its subscribers’ current favourite international series in the US. The fantasy romance drama was produced by CJ ENM and Doodoong Pictures. It was made available exclusively starting this April 11th together with additional Korean titles SignalVoice, and Save Me.

With the positive response towards its Korean library, they are continuing its partnership with CJ ENM as they expand its global Korean originals slate.

Paramount Plus Expands K-Drama Slate

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The Hollywood Reporter made K-Drama fans happy with the report that Paramount+ will launch two more original series exclusive to its platform. The upcoming Korean dramas are titled A Bloody Lucky Day and Queen Woo. The two will be added to the streaming library available in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, Latin America, Brazil, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

A Bloody Lucky Day and Queen Woo are the latest projects that Paramount+ and Korean streamer TVING have developed in line with the partnership with CJ ENM.

From the director of the 2021 action movie Hostage: Missing Celebrity, Pil Gam-Sung helms A Bloody Lucky Day.  The series is about an ordinary taxi driver named Taek who finds himself in the middle of a quagmire caused by his passenger who happens to be a notorious serial killer.

From the writing of Kim Min-sung  and Song Hanna, the series stars Lee Sung-min as Oh Taek, the driver and Yoo Yeon-seok as the killer Geum Hyuk-soo. KDrama fans remember Lee as Oh Sang-shik in the popular 2014 television series Misaeng. Meanwhile, Yoo is recently seen as Ha Sang Soo in the Netflix series The Interest of Love.

On the other hand, Paramount finds its first original saeguk, a term used to denote period dramas, in Queen Woo. Jung Se-kyo of the comedy drama Oh! My Gran is directing the historical drama series that Lee Byoung-hak has written.

Queen Woo tells the story of Queen Woo Hee, who was the first woman in Korean history to become queen twice. As with any saeguk that showcases royalty, one can expect a good dose of intrigue and conspiracy in the series. Jun Jong-seo will be portraying the lead role.

New Original KDramas Arriving Exclusively on Paramount Plus

Paramount Making New Korean Shows That You Should Be Looking Forward To

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These series that are being developed for the streaming service bring forward great opportunities for more people in the industry. Catherine Park, the Senior VP and Head of Streaming and Regional Lead for Asia, said:

We are incredibly proud of our Korean content that is finally taking the global stage, engaging viewers and fans on Paramount+ and beyond.

The addition of A Bloody Lucky Day and Queen Woo strengthens our global content offering, and we look forward to bringing more original Korean content to our viewers worldwide.

Also, in recent news, the streaming platform that carries Star Trek and Yellowstone bagged the best screenplay prize at the Canneseries Award Ceremony in France for its upcoming series BargainIt is another Korean drama series that will arrive on the platform in the summer of this year.

Definitely, the streaming service is not taking the KDrama playing field lightly. They are truly making sure that not only would they satisfy the curiosity of their global subscribers to Korean series, but also deliver quality and thrilling stories.

What do you make of Paramount expanding its Korean drama slate for the global streaming service? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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