Only Murders In The Building Is Building A Cult Following


Only Murders In The Building Season 2 returns this year equipped with an intricately built fan base who remain in awe of the Arconia and its residents’ lives. Starring Selena Gomez (as Mabel Mora), Steve Martin (as Charles-Haden Savage) and Martin Short (as Oliver Putnam), the true crime-obsessed show has attracted two hundred and ninety-one thousand Instagram followers, sixty-seven thousand followers on Tik Tok and eighty thousand Twitter followers. The show was a breakout hit when it debuted in the summer of 2021 because it lacked the cold, dark elements most true crime programmes often convey. In fact, it is actually a warm show about finding friends and discovering the truth, strangely through the mystery of the murder.

In 2021 Only Murders in the Building was reported to have set a record for being the most watched comedy in Hulu history. Similar to the loyal following of the podcast enthusiast fans on the show donning their tie-dye hoodies, there’s an on-screen incarnation that takes place. It’s twofold. In real-time, the show has many loyal followers and an array of podcasts set up to analyze the show and its murder storylines as well as filming secrets. Ironic, the very show centred on a podcast and murders has its own podcasts about the show and its murders.

Only Murders In The Building Is A Show for True Crime Podcast lovers!


Credit: Hulu

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Then there are the hardcore fans of the three stars of Only Murders In The Building. The Selena Gomez ride or dies, the ones who will watch anything starring Steve Martin, and the Martin Short obsessed from the early nineties. Then come the true crime lovers, the ones who enjoy comedic spins on dark things and the ones who simply will watch anything based on whodunnit.

Though the show does not offer an actual podcast as seen being recorded on the show, there are podcasts created to quench the fans’ thirst, available to listen to on streaming platforms. Lovingly named after the show is the hit shows official Hulu podcast Only Murders In The Building, which analyses each episode of the show, and interviews key actors. They go over the writing process, cast members, episodes, auditions, and so much more. This is the perfect podcast for Only Murders In The Building addicts.

Big name stars in OMITB Season 2


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Fans of the show will be thrilled with season two. It debuts stars such as Amy Schumer (who plays herself) and Cara Delevigne (Alice Banks). Amy plays an overbearing version of herself who suggests making their already popular podcast into a TV show to Oliver – ironic. Delevigne plays Alice, an artist and love interest of Mabels. Both add to the popularity of the show, just like the growing podcast on the show expands its fan base. The trio go against their rival in the industry again, Cinda Canning, in working out who killed Bunny Folger, the board president of the Arconia, who is seen to be murdered at the end of season one.

Season two comes in hot with new angles on solving Bunny’s murder with episodes that really zero in on popular characters. Like episode three, The Last Day of Bunny Folger, where we learn more about Bunny’s job, dreams, and Bunny’s pet parrot Mrs Gambolini. Episodes such as this gives fans of the show much to discuss. Then there’s ‘Framed’ episode two, where we learn a lot about Charles’ father and Bunny’s mother through a painting.

Only Murders In The Building has got us obsessed!


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Opportunities to create depth is not the show’s strong suit. That’s not its intention. What it’s done so well is create a new world of characters, and reflect loneliness in a city buzzing with people. Previously, Only Murders In The Building managed to build a following that has the potential to reach an obsessive level. A level which I’m sure will grow with more viewers will also want to know more about the lives of the Arconia’s residents.

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