Only Murders In The Building Shows The Importance Of Casting


Only Murders in the Building is an A Star original show streaming on Disney Plus written by John Hoffman and distinguished actor Steve Martin.

The show brilliantly serves true crime enthusiasts as it follows three perfectly cast strangers who begin a true crime podcast together based on a murder investigation in their building where the three literally take an investigation into their own hands.

Played by Selena Gomez as Mabel, Steve Martin as Charles, Martin Short as Oliver, there is much to be said about how perfect the casting was here, aligning to the overall plot of the show.

Only Murders In The Buildings’ Cast Was Brilliant


Credit: Disney Plus

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Each main cast member is culturally classic in their own right.

Selena Gomez plays sombre Mabel Mora, a fashionable crime story enthusiast who lives in her aunt’s apartment in the iconic Arconia.

We later find that she was friends with the deceased, Tim Kono years before. Steve Martin plays Charles- Haden Savage, a retired actor of the hit fictional show Brazzos.

He lives in apartment 14C at the beautiful Arconia in New York City too. Martin Short plays the flamboyant Oliver Putnam, an ex-Broadway director who is struggling financially and who revels in the idea of a podcast for financial gain but also to feed his true crime obsession.

The three meet accidentally when a fire alarm is set off in the building to cover up a brutal murder that has taken place, and they bond, over recognising a true crime podcast they all adore.

Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Martin Short work perfectly together


Credit: Disney Plus

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Selena Gomez, one of the most popular pop artists, actresses and influencers is well placed in this drama as the hip millennial, whose role involves schooling her co-stars on what is socially acceptable and cool.

Her bright clothing, nonchalant attitude and cool demeanour are reflective of the way she investigates her friend’s murder, with confidence.

The mystery surrounding her personal relation to the crime at hand also makes for an intriguing storyline.

This is a breakthrough role for Gomez due to its stark difference from her past starring roles.

The revived partnership of Steve Martin and Martin Short (Father of the Bride) is particularly enjoyable to witness.

Though they are placed at the start as strangers simply living in the building together and who later forge an odd friendship, they are clearly earmarked from the start to be a comedic duo and a classic double act from the start.

Oliver Putnam is over the top with his acting, his productions and even his stance on the murder is dramatic.

However, he is lacking financially and uses Mabel and Charles to even out his day-to-day life, for example on the podcast and to simply support him.

Whereas Charles is portrayed as a lonely singleton with a hopeless past, and desperate for friendships that he can never admit he needs.

His wit, crime acting experience and general nice guy act, creates a riveting partnership with Martin Short, reminiscent of the relationship between George Banks and Frank Eggelhoffer, 1999.

Only Murders In The Building works for multiple demographics


Credit: Disney Plus

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The significance of the stark differences in age, and popularity in light of the differing audience demographics for the show as well as the storyline, makes for a balanced cast and flamboyant performance.

These culturally classic actors are all in their own right, models of their time.

There is something to be said here that age or cultural understanding does not affect our obsessions with riveting crime stories.

We are simply obsessed with the whodunnit, and ‘Only Murders in the Building’ feeds that obsession splendidly.

We become like the podcast enthusiasts sitting outside the Arconia in the cold, waiting for the next episode.


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