How Online Slots Have Cornered Almost Every Movie Genre


We live in an age when many different forms of entertainment are starting to merge like never before, and online slots are getting in on the act.

TV shows become movies, movies pop up as “novelizations” and more and more people are starting to absorb their literature and non-fiction in the form of audiobooks.

A relative newcomer to the entertainment scene has been the online casino.

But, in under three decades, these sites have become a permanent and very popular feature that is enjoyed by millions of people every day.

The sites themselves are very effective at attracting new players, something that they manage to do with the very strategic use of casino offers online.

These can take a number of forms including adding to a player’s deposit money, giving them entry to exclusive prize draws, and offering other free giveaways.

Online slots are a newcomer to the entertainment scene


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Another very welcome offer is a certain number of free spins on selected slots games.

Slots games have a big appeal to players and the casinos go even further to target them  by offering games designed to appeal to people with specific interests and hobbies –  particularly ones who love movies and movie-going.

So it’s also no coincidence that media-mixing games have been developed featuring not just TV shows like Deal or No Deal as well as movies like Grease.

This works very well for both online casinos and movie-makers too as today’s studios are always looking for different and novel revenue streams.

Therefore, a movie-themed slot is an ideal way to go.

What’s really surprising is that this is a phenomenon that truly crosses all movie genres – a move that is obviously intended to appeal to as wide a cross-section of film fans as possible.

What’s more, these aren’t necessarily genres that are currently in fashion.

Which movie genres work?

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For example, the historical epic may have had its heyday in the 1950s and 60s but you can still find slots based on the classic Spartacus, as well as playful approaches to other titles including 1 Million Megaways BC.

This is an especially lucky choice for any slots site that features it, thanks to a clip of the original 1966 movie starring Raquel Welch cropping up in Kenneth Branagh’s highly acclaimed semi-autobiographical film Belfast.

Another fortunate coincidence, this time for fans of sci-fi movies, is a slots game based around the original Matrix movie that was released over 20 years ago now.

But the 2021 release of the fourth film in the sequence, Matrix Resurrection, has certainly made it topical again.

And, with fans generally agreeing that the original movie was undoubtedly the best, it also gives them a chance to revisit it, if only in slots form.

Comedy movies have also provided a rich seam for games developers to work alongside the studios with the movies of Seth Rogen being particular favourites.

So not only can you play along with the distinctly 18-rated Ted, there’s even a slot based on the even more outrageous Sausage Party.

With every other genre from horror to fantasy, and even the spoof rock band Spinal Tap featuring in one very playable game, it’s certainly true that all genres get a look in.

And that’s great news for movie fans and online slots players alike.


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