7 Things We Want To See In No Time To Die


No Time To Die is the 25th film in the 007 franchise; the second trailer for the film landed this week.

While production has been fraught with controversy – sometimes delayed, with stinging comments from Daniel Craig, and speculation it was ‘cursed’ – it could hopefully be hitting our screens this November, if the current pandemic does not get worse.


But what about *that* spectacular trailer?

What ‘Easter Eggs’ may it contain?

And what should we expect when we finally get to see the film?

What do we all want to see?

1. “The past isn’t dead”


Credit: Universal Pictures

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Oh, the enigma! What could this possibly mean?

I have seen some speculation – rumours! – that this could mean Vesper returns.

The one woman who Bond truly loved, adored, even, she died in an earlier film. Or did she?

She is in the past, but some Bond fans think that 007 may just still carry the flame for her.

And there is also a cryptic, burning note; ‘Forgive me’ is written out, in curly, almost girlishly childish handwriting.

If Vesper is still alive, this may just be the perfect ending to Daniel Craig as 007.

(And yes, I still think Vesper was the ultimate Bond woman – as she was more than just the stereotype of the ‘Bond girl’, a side support to Bond, who we could debatably say is a misogynist.

And she even said so herself – that he thinks of women as “disposable objects”.

She was sassy, and dressed to project confidence – to make her way in a man’s world.

And she was not scared to call Bond’s bluff, all the while showing her vulnerabilities.)

It has also been suggested that this film will explore “unresolved trauma” Bond experienced, connected to Vesper.

2. Ralph Fiennes as M in his prime

In my opinion, Ralph Fiennes was the best choice of successor to Dame Judy Dench as the fearsome M.

The trailer sees him once again reconciling with the theme of old versus new – how “our enemies” are becoming smarter, more adept at evading older statecraft methods of detection.

He has also provided well-timed moments of hilarity, a relief in previous film plots, when it can become too intense at times.

3. The enigma of Madeleine Swann from Spectre

Léa Seydoux is back in No Time To Die

Credit: Universal Pictures

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There are some returning cast members from Spectre, which leads to this question: is No Time To Die almost like a part two, another film to bookmark the story plotline?

If so, will all questions and potential plot lines be answered and wrapped up nicely, or will there still be unanswered questions?

Dr Swann is something of an enigma – and the trailer hints at a secret being revealed, a previous relationship to the villain that has come back to haunt her.

It is so utterly diabolical, that even Bond remarks about this while in the middle of what looks like to be a car chase.

What has she got to hide?

And what does the creepy mask have to do with it?

And is she as innocent as she claims to be?

4. Moneypenny in action – more of a ‘girl power’ than side support

I’m just going to say it; Naomi Harris is possibly one of the coolest characters in the 007 franchise – simply as she is unapologetic, and has just a little bit of swagger while doing it.

I also like that there is a playfulness in her attitude towards Bond – and not the immediate fall-head-over-heels facet. It’s new, different.

It shouldn’t be considered this way – but maybe, just maybe, this is how the James Bond franchise will be modernised, a Bond fit for the twenty-first century.

And I have not got enough space to talk about Lashana Lynch.

She’s beautiful – and so utterly worthy of the role.

And maybe she’d be a great follow on to Daniel Craig’s Bond.

5. A soundtrack for all generations

Hans Zimmer may have had involvement with the ‘score’ – though he actually replaced someone – and it looks set to be a film of dramatics, intensity – and maybe, just maybe, vulnerability.

That’s the perfect way a James Bond should be – and not one of the goofball ones.

He shouldn’t be someone who is not really serious about their job, as previous Bond’s have been criticised for.

The title sequences are something that are always notable; we have the opening scene, dramatic dialogue (usually), the shot of Bond walking and posing with a gun, and then the soundtrack can then be played with the image sequence.

The title soundtrack does, at times, define the character of the film – and I think Billie Eilish’s song pulls this off.

It’s a soundtrack for all generations, after all.

6. Rami Malek as the villain

Rami Malek in No Time To Die

Credit: Universal Pictures

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Most of us will probably know Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury from 2018’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

Needless to say, to play the supervillain of No Time To Die is going to be quite a departure.

Statements provided to the press have suggested that Malek’s character will not belong to an ideology, or even a religion – marking quite a contract to previous Bond films.

In a world where we are still ostensibly having to grapple with various ‘phobias’ – Homophobia, Islamaphobia are just two examples – it is good to see No Time To Die move with the times, and branch away from stereotypes, that could potentially enable these rather deranged attitudes.

(Just as a reference: an American newspaper measured the impact of presidential comments about Coronavirus – such as “chinese virus” – and found that this had seeped into, and enabled, disgusting attitudes. It gives legitimation.)

While a film is not on the same level – it is a work of fiction – the 007 franchise is one of the biggest in the world.

And it is good to see it move with the times.

7. Daniel Craig to bow out gracefully

‘Grace’ is one word I have come to associate with Daniel Craig’s Bond – because, even during dangerous stunts like falling through the roof of a train, he will brush himself off, adjust his watch and proceed.

Surely he should have the same bow-out from the franchise?

What do you make of this article?

What would you like to see happen in No Time To Die?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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