Ben Affleck Banned From No Time To Die’s Premiere Because ‘He Could Overshadow Daniel Craig’

Ben Affleck has reportedly been banned from attending No Time To Die’s movie premiere because he could overshadow Daniel Craig.

This is pretty strange, but it does also seem to be true.

Ana De Armas is one of the stars of the upcoming James Bond movie, No Time To Die.

She and Ben Affleck started dating a few months back and it looks like things have been going very well between the pair.

They’ve been going so well, in fact, that there were rumours she might invite Ben Affleck to the film’s movie premiere as her plus one.

However, No Time To Die’s people (executives, producers and probably their PRs), have reportedly asked Affleck not attend the premiere.

Ben Affleck has been banned from attending No Time To Die’s movie premiere

No Time To Die Trailer Super Bowl

No Time To Die should be coming out soon – Credit: Sony Pictures

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This was revealed by The Sun and was substantiated by the New Zealand Herald, which means that this is pretty much what happened.

A source in Los Angeles told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: “This film premiere has been a long time coming and franchise bosses want the spotlight to be on the stars of the film.

“It would be a disaster if it was all about Ben’s mushy PDAs with Ana overshadowing the event. A circus sideshow is strictly off the menu and the head honchos want to keep it all on-brand.”

What do you make of this news?

Do you think Ben Affleck would have overshadowed Daniel Craig at No Time To Die’s movie premiere?

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