Is No Time To Die’s Rami Malek Actually Dr No?

There are fan theories making their rounds on the Internet now that are suggesting that No Time To Die’s Rami Malek’s villain might actually be Dr No.

Dr No was played by Joseph Wiseman in the very first James Bond movie, Dr No, and in the movie he had short, dark hair, a strong jawline and prominent cheekbones.

That’s exactly how you can describe Rami Malek but there’s another aspect of his look which could lend himself to being the new Dr No and it can be seen in the new No Time To Die posters.

In the poster, Malek’s character, called Safin, is wearing a large, kimono-like cape, with very Dr No type hair.

His outfit in the poster is very similar to the kind of clothes worn by Dr No in the very first Bond movie, and his hairstyle is very close to that of Dr No’s.

The film’s name is also another clue suggesting that Male’s Safin is actually Dr No.

Is Rami Malek really playing Dr No in No Time To Die?

Seems as though Bond will be up against the Phantom of the Opera in No Time To Die

Seems as though Bond will be up against the Phantom of the Opera in No Time To Die (Credit: Universal Pictures)

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No Time To Die. Get it? No, time to die. It’s Dr No’s time to die. It makes perfect sense now.

Some fans have suggested that the word no could also be a clue as to how the film ends.

If you remove the word ‘no’, then all you have left is the phrase ‘time to die’ which suggests that Bond might actually end up killing his nemesis in this movie.

There’s also the fact that in the trailer you never get to see Malek’s villain’s hands, and if you remember the movie Dr No, then you’ll remember that he always had black rubber gloves on.

This seems to be hinting that Malek’s villain could actually be wearing the rubber gloves, which would be a direct hint at Safin being Dr No.

If you start putting all the clues together, it really does seem that Malek’s Safin is indeed Dr No, which would be an interesting callback and a good way to round off the Daniel Craig Bond saga.

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