The New Netflix Series Critics Say Is ‘Worst Of 2023’, But Viewers Love It


The new Netflix series, Obliterated, has sparked a significant divide between critics and viewers, with some critics branding it the ‘worst show of 2023’, while viewers are dubbing it a masterpiece. This polarizing reaction highlights the subjective nature of entertainment and the differing expectations of critics and audiences. Obliterated, created by the minds behind Cobra Kai, is an action-packed series that combines elements of drama and comedy, set against the backdrop of a high-stakes mission in Las Vegas.

The series follows an elite special forces team that successfully neutralizes a nuclear bomb threat in Sin City, only to discover that the real danger is still looming. The twist? The team must navigate this crisis while battling crippling hangovers, adding a comedic edge to the action-packed narrative.

Critics’ Harsh Reviews Of this new Netflix series


Credit: Netflix

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Negative Reception from Critics

Critics have been harsh in their assessment of Obliterated, with some reviews describing it as nearly unwatchable. The series currently holds a less-than-stellar 47% rating on Rotten Tomatoes from critics. Publications like The Daily Telegraph and Variety have criticized the show for its lack of compelling characters and logical plot, with some even questioning the decision to extend the story into an eight-part series.

The Critique of Execution

The main criticism from reviewers focuses on the execution of the show’s concept. While the idea of blending action with comedy is not new, critics argue that Obliterated fails to deliver the thrilling experience it promises, lacking real laugh-out-loud moments and a coherent storyline.

Viewers’ Positive Reactions


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High Audience Score

In stark contrast to the critics, viewers have expressed their love for Obliterated, with the series achieving an impressive 80% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Fans have taken to social media to praise the show for its entertainment value, with some calling it a ‘masterpiece’ and lauding its unique blend of genres.

Appreciation for the Concept

Viewers seem to appreciate the show’s concept and the way it plays out, finding enjoyment in the absurdity and humor of the situation. The positive reception from the audience suggests that Obliterated has successfully tapped into a niche that resonates with viewers, despite the critics’ disapproval.

The Show’s Unique Appeal


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A Blend of Genres

Obliterated stands out for its unique blend of action, drama, and comedy. The show’s premise of an elite team dealing with a serious threat while impaired adds a layer of humour to the otherwise tense and action-packed narrative.

The Cast and Production

The series stars Nick Zano and Shelley Hennig, who bring charisma and energy to their roles. The production quality and the performances have been highlighted by viewers as key factors in the show’s appeal.

Final Thoughts on Obliterated on Netflix


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Obliterated represents the subjective nature of entertainment, where a show can simultaneously be the ‘worst’ for some and a ‘masterpiece’ for others. The series has sparked a debate between critics and viewers, highlighting the differing perspectives on what makes a show successful.

As Obliterated continues to garner attention, it serves as a reminder that sometimes, the audience’s enjoyment can transcend critical analysis. The series may not have won over critics, but it has certainly found a dedicated fanbase that appreciates its unique blend of humour and action.

What do you make of this news? Are you a fan of this new Netflix series, Obliterated?

You can stream Obliteratated on Netflix right now.