A Bunch Of New DC Comics Video Games Could Be Coming From Rocksteady And WB Montreal

It’s being rumoured that a whole load of new DC Comics video games could be coming from Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros. Montreal.

We’ve been waiting to find out what the next DC Comics games are going to be for what seems like ages.

The last DC Comics video game we got was Batman: Arkham Knight and that came out ages ago.

Since then it’s been radio silence on what might be coming next.

There have been rumours that WB. Montreal is working on a new Batman game potentially called Capture The Knight.

We’re now hearing that Rocksteady Studios and WB. Montreal are working on new DC Comics video game titles.

We might be about to get new DC Comics video games

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This news was revealed by The Arkham Channel on Twitter.

They revealed that multiple domain names were registered by Warner Bros.

Amongst these new domain names are the likes of GothamKnightsGame.com, SuicideSquadGame.com and SuicideSquadKillTheJusticeLeague.com.

This could very well mean that a whole bunch of new DC Comics games are coming very soon.

Hopefully, there’ll be a new Batman game, and I love the idea of a Suicide Squad game from Rocksteady Studios.

Fingers crossed this leak is genuine and that we will eventually get to play some new games in the DC Universe.

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to play some new DC Comics video games from Rocksteady and WB. Montreal?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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