John Boyega Should Be Cast As Green Lantern In The DCEU – Here’s Why

There are rumours that DC Comics is planning a Green Lantern movie, and one of the people who should be considered to play the role has to be John Boyega.

It was reported yesterday that Warner Bros. Pictures might be looking at John David Washington to play Green Lantern.

The BlacKkKlansman and Tenet star would be an excellent choice for the role.

However, there should be another name that Warner Bros. Pictures should consider: John Boyega.

He’s been in the Star Wars movies and I would argue that his performances in those films were some of the best in the new trilogy.

Before that, he starred in Joe Cornish’s excellent movie, Attack The Block.

In between Star Wars movies, Boyega starred in Detroit and Pacific Rim: Uprising.

Honestly, he’s been brilliant in everything he’s ever been in.

John Boyega would make for a great Green Lantern

Detroit Review 3

John Boyega in Detroit – Credit: Annapurna Pictures

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I’ve said time and time again that DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. needs to make a Green Lantern movie.

However, they shouldn’t do a Green Lantern movie with Hal Jordan.

After seeing the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movie, I don’t think anybody wants another Hal Jordan-lead Green Lantern movie.

It’s time for us to see John Stewart on the big screen.

He’s the guy that takes over from Jordan as the Green Lantern, and I think it would be great if they made a movie in which Hal teaches John how to be Earths’ new Green Lantern.

Hal would act as a mentor to John, and it would be a really interesting origins tale.

Green Lantern would already be an established superhero in this movie’s world.

It would be more about Hal and John’s relationship, and I think John Boyega would be perfect in that role.

The Green Lantern movie could be coming soon

Hal Jordan Bradley Cooper DCEU Green Lantern Corps

Who could play Green Lantern in a DC Comics movie? – Credit: DC Comics

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There have been lots of rumours that Geoff Johns is working on a Green Lantern movie.

It was also reported that a Green Lantern TV show is coming to HBO Max.

That might be a bit of an issue as far as the movie’s concerned.

People might be a bit confused if there are two Green Lanterns.

However, they’ve kind of done it with The CW’s DC Comics superhero shows.

Maybe they could do the same thing with the movies and the TV shows?

As for as Geoff Johns is concerned, he’s the perfect person to get a Green Lantern movie off the ground.

He wrote a bunch of Green Lantern comics for DC Comics, so he understands the character.

Johns is also very passionate about the character, and I think he’d like the idea of making a movie in which John Stewart is the lead.

John Boyega would be a perfect John Stewart

Star Wars: The Last Jedi's John Boyega Would Like Finn To Be More Boba Fett And Less Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s John Boyega opens up on his opinion of the movie – Credit: Lucasfilm

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As far as John Boyega is concerned, he has all the right attributes to play John Stewart.

He’s shown that he can be both serious and slightly goofy in the roles he’s played.

As Finn in the Star Wars movies, he also demonstrated that he does a kickass American accent, despite being from the UK.

I also think he would take the role very, very seriously and he might want to play Green Lantern for years to come.

Given what Warner Bros. Pictures seems to be doing with the DC Comics movies, it might be a great time to join them.

I think the future looks very bright for these DC Comics movies.

They seem to be focusing on the movies first now, and the larger universe second.

I actually love the idea of them just making standalone comic book movies like Joker and The Batman.

However, it does seem as though they’re still making the DCEU movies.

Wonder Woman 1984 is coming out, and that will be followed by James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, which I think will be loosely connected to the DCEU.

Fingers crossed Boyega gets at least an opportunity to audition for the role.

I really do think he would kill the audition and they’d just have to cast him as Green Lantern.

What do you make of this article?

Do you think John Boyega would make a good Green Lantern?

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