Pixar Release The New Trailer For Onward Starring Chris Pratt And Tom Holland

Pixar has been finding some form again of late with the release of the likes of Coco, Toy Story 4 and Incredibles 2, and they’ll be hoping to carry this on with their next film, Onward, which now has a new trailer.

There was a time when it looked like Pixar had lost their way somewhat, but they managed to get it back on track.

That said, their last two films have been sequels. They’ve been making a lot of sequels. There has been the occasional standalone movie such as Coco and Inside Out, which are both brilliant.

Yet, they’re in desperate need of some fresh content, and it looks like Onward is exactly that.

Onward Chris Pratt Tom Holland Trailer Pixar

Chris Pratt and Tom Holland star in Onward – Credit: Pixar

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They’ve also sprinkled a little bit of ‘stardust’ (in the literal sense) to this movie with the likes of Chris Pratt and Tom Holland starring in the film.

Pixar had already released a very brief teaser for Onward, yet this trailer gives us a better look at what the movie’s about and it seems as though it’ll be an adventure movie set in a mystical world.

Chris Pratt and Tom Holland play brothers, who receive a present from their deceased father when they’re both over 16 years old.

It turns out that present is a magical wizard staff which has the power to bring back their father for a single day.

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However, they mess up the spell and only manage to bring his legs back. So, they then go in search of someone who can help them bring their father’s entire body back before it’s too late.

It seems a bit like a blend of Pixar and Disney, which isn’t a bad thing. The film – and I’m only judging it from the trailer – has echoes of Monsters Inc. and Coco, but with a little bit of Tangled and maybe even Frozen in there too.

I love all those movies, so hopefully, it’ll end up being a delicious cocktail of a Pixar movie, full of the good stuff from both Pixar and Disney.

I especially like the idea of Tom Holland and Chris Pratt playing brothers. They both have very expressive voices and, of course, are used to working together after the Avengers movies.

Onward will be in UK cinemas on March 6th, 2020.

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