The Netflix Assassin Movie That Needs A Prequel More Than John Wick


Netflix has been a treasure trove of action-packed films, but one movie that has caught the attention of fans and critics alike is Kate. This high-octane assassin movie starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been compared to the iconic John Wick series. However, there’s a growing consensus that Kate may actually be more deserving of a prequel than John Wick.

In this article, we delve into the reasons why Kate should be the next big prequel on Netflix.

Why Kate Deserves a Prequel


Credit: Netflix

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Intricate Character Development

One of the most compelling aspects of Kate is the character of Kate herself, portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Unlike many assassin films where the protagonist is a one-dimensional killing machine, Kate is a complex character with depth. A prequel could delve into her backstory, exploring her relationship with her employer-turned-father figure, Woody Harrelson, and how she transitioned from loving her job to wanting to leave it.

Unique World-Building

Kate stands out for its subtle yet effective world-building. The movie manages to create a universe that is as engaging as it is believable. A prequel could expand on this, offering viewers a deeper look into the world of assassins that Kate inhabits.

Comparisons with John Wick


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The John Wick Prequel: The Continental

The John Wick series is getting its own prequel, The Continental, which has fans buzzing with excitement. However, John Wick already has an intricate lore that has been developed over multiple films. A prequel for Kate could offer something fresh and new, focusing on a character and world that we’ve only just been introduced to.

Action Sequences

Both Kate and John Wick are known for their intense action sequences. However, Kate manages to deliver one kickass action scene after another, engaging viewers with beautifully subtle world-building. This makes it a strong contender for a prequel, where the action can be just as intense, if not more.

Theories and Predictions for a Kate Prequel


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Exploring Kate’s Past

A prequel could delve into Kate’s past, exploring her training and early missions. It could also focus on her relationship with her employer-turned-father figure, revealing the complexities of their dynamic and eventual betrayal.

Kate’s Moral Code

One intriguing aspect of Kate’s character is her hesitation to commit murders in front of children. A prequel could explore where this personal code comes from and how much it has cost her to maintain it.

Final Thoughts on Kate on Netflix


Credit: Netflix

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While John Wick has its own charm and a prequel in the works, Kate offers a unique perspective on the assassin genre that is ripe for exploration. With a compelling character and intricate world-building, a prequel could delve deeper into the life of Kate, offering fans a new and exciting narrative to latch onto. Given that Mary Elizabeth Winstead is currently busy with Star Wars projects, the timing may be a bit tricky, but the potential for a riveting prequel is undeniable.

What do you make of this news? Are you going to watch Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Kate on Netflix? Have you watched the movie already? If you have, let us know what you thought of it. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

You can stream Kate on Netflix right now.

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