What Movies Are Coming To Netflix UK This October In Time For Halloween?


Halloween will be here before we know it, and every movie buff and TV lover will know what that means: Netflix UK will be adding dozens of scary and spooky tales to its roster.

In fact, the list of the new movies coming to Netflix UK in October has been released, and this article will look at some of the top upcoming additions.

Watch Sleepy Hollow (1999) on Netflix this Halloween


Credit: Paramount Pictures

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A cult classic and Academy Award winner, Sleepy Hollow is the perfect Halloween movie with the gothic supernatural horror film starring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci and following the classic literary character of Ichabod Crane in the short story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The film follows Crane, played by Depp, as he goes to the village of Sleepy Hallow to investigate murders by the Headless Horseman. If you’ve never seen this movie, you will want to add this to your October watchlist. And don’t worry if you’re not going to be in the UK in October and you’re worried Netflix will remove Sleepy Hollow by the time you’re back (which they often do). As ExpressVPN states, you can tune into Netflix UK even when you’re abroad by using a VPN.

When people think of a VPN, they often think of how it can protect your online information from third parties by hiding your browsing activity, but another advantage is that it lets you change your location, so even if you’re away this October, you’ll still be able to check out all of Netflix’s new additions.

The Final Destination (2009) is a must-watch this spooky season


Credit: New Line Cinema

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Another cult classic and Halloween favourite is the 2009 film The Final Destination, or Final Destination 4. Filmed in Vancouver, Canada, with stunning shots of Lions Gate Bridge, The Final Destination is a 3D supernatural horror film and the fourth instalment in the Final Destination series. This film follows a group of people who are stalked by Death and killed one by one after escaping a car crash. The Final Destination is the best-performing film in the Final Destination series, grossing $187 million worldwide. However, there were some negative critic reviews, which means you’ll have to watch this film when it gets added to Netflix UK in October to see for yourself (if you dare!).

Halloween II (2009) is a great scary film to watch on Halloween this October


Credit: Dimension Films

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It’s not a Halloween marathon without watching one of the Halloween movies. While the 2009 version is not a John Carpenter original, it is a sequel to the 2007 remake of Carpenter’s 1978 Halloween, which FarOutMagazine states is one of Carpenter’s best movies. Halloween II follows Laurie Strode as she tries to overcome the previous film’s events, and it has been widely regarded as more realistic and violent than Zombie’s 2007 film. It also plays more into the psychology of human nature. Again, this is a must for any horror fans or people wanting a Halloween marathon on Netflix this October.

Netflix is constantly changing. Earlier this summer, the TechCrunch website reported that Netflix removed its basic subscription plan in the UK, and the platform has become notorious for adding and removing films and shows. However, one constant is that every October, the streaming platform adds a range of horror, thriller, and supernatural movies in time for Halloween. This year, many cult classics will be added to the platform, so keep an eye on the ‘New Releases’ section when October rolls around.

What do you make of this news? Are you going to be watching any of these movies on Netflix this spooky season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Sleepy Hollow, The Final Destination and Halloween II can all be streamed on Netflix this Halloween season.

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