Tim Burton Is Not Happy With The Flash Movie


In the ever-expanding universe of DC films, The Flash directed by Andy Muschietti has been a topic of much discussion. While the film generated significant buzz for its star-studded cameos, not everyone is pleased with its execution. One such critic is Tim Burton, the iconic director known for his unique visual style and storytelling.

Burton recently expressed his dissatisfaction with the film, particularly its use of characters he had previously brought to life on the big screen.

Tim Burton’s Grievances


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Misappropriation of Characters

Tim Burton is notably upset that The Flash used his versions of DC classic characters, including Michael Keaton’s Batman and Nicolas Cage’s Superman. The director feels that his portrayals have been “misappropriated,” a sentiment he shared in a recent interview with the British Film Institute.

Criticism of CGI

Another point of contention for Burton is the use of CGI in the film, particularly for Nicolas Cage’s Superman. He described the CGI creation as “overly synthetic and plasticky,” expressing strong disapproval of the technology used to bring the character to life.

Burton’s Relationship with DC


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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A Storied Past

Tim Burton has a long history with DC Comics, having directed the 1989 film Batman starring Michael Keaton. The film was a massive success, and Warner Bros. even enlisted Burton for another project, Superman Lives, which unfortunately never materialised due to creative differences.

Financial Triumphs

Despite the setback with Superman Lives, Burton’s Batman films were financial successes. His 1989 Batman movie had a modest budget of $35 million but raked in an impressive $411.5 million worldwide. Even the sequel, Batman Returns, managed to amass approximately $267 million in global box office earnings.

Comparing The Flash and Burton’s Batman


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Box Office Performance

The Flash struggled at the box office, earning only $268 million globally against a staggering production budget of $300 million. In contrast, Burton’s Batman films were financial triumphs, solidifying their position in superhero cinema history.

Creative Liberties

Tim Burton has always been known for taking creative liberties with his characters, something he feels was not respected in The Flash. During his interview, he drew unfavourable comparisons to the current practice of reimagining films and characters using AI technology.

Final Thoughts on Tim Burton’s opinion on The Flash movie


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Tim Burton’s dissatisfaction with The Flash raises questions about the ethics of using a director’s previous work in new adaptations. His criticisms also shed light on the challenges of balancing creative freedom with commercial interests in the world of blockbuster filmmaking. As DC Studios continues to expand its cinematic universe, the controversy surrounding The Flash serves as a cautionary tale for future adaptations.

What do you make of this news? Do you think Tim Burton has a right to be upset with Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Studios because of what they did in The Flash movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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