There Are Calls For Captain America: Civil War To Be Cancelled Due To Its Title

People on social media are calling for Captain America: Civil War to be cancelled because of its name.

Many people on Twitter are claiming that Marvel has to change Captain America: Civil War because it’s offensive.

These people are claiming that the reference to ‘The Civil War’ is offensive to the black community in the United States of America.

I do understand where the sentiment comes from, however, there is a huge issue in these people calling for the film’s title to be changed.

These people don’t seem to understand what a ‘Civil War’ actually is.

The term ‘Civil War’ doesn’t only refer to the Civil War in the United States.

There have been countless civil wars across the globe, not just in the US.

The definition of the term ‘civil war’ is: “a war between citizens of the same country”.

People are calling for Captain America: Civil War to be cancelled

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Now, if the movie had been called Captain America: The American Civil War, I’d understand.

However, it isn’t. That said, people have still been taking to Twitter to call for Marvel to change the movie’s title or just have the film be cancelled.

The movie is about two factions of the Avengers going against one another, and that is basically a civil war.

There are things in Hollywood that need to change, granted.

There’s still systemic racism, sexism and ageism in Hollywood.

However, Captain America: Civil War’s title isn’t one of those issues.

The title is also taken from a Marvel comic, and it just fit the movie perfectly.

What do you make of this news?

Do you think Marvel should change the name of Captain America: Civil War?

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