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The Equalizer 3 Review: Denzel Washington Doing What He Does Best


Denzel Washington, a name synonymous with stellar performances and a magnetic screen presence, returns to the big screen with a bang in The Equalizer 3. The film, which is the latest instalment in the popular Equalizer series, sees Washington reprising his role as Robert McCall, the enigmatic vigilante with a penchant for brutal justice and a moral compass that points unwaveringly towards helping the helpless. The series has always been celebrated for its intense action sequences and moral quandaries, and the third instalment promises to deliver this and more, with a fresh setting and new adversaries for McCall to contend with.

In The Equalizer 3, the audience is transported to the scenic yet perilous landscapes of Italy, where McCall, with his characteristic blend of stoicism and deadly skills, confronts the notorious mafia. The film, while maintaining the hard-hitting action and moral dilemmas of its predecessors, introduces new elements and challenges for its protagonist, ensuring that fans of the series and newcomers alike are in for a thrilling ride.

A New Battlefield: The Scenic Coasts of Italy


Credit: Columbia Pictures

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A Picturesque Setting with Underlying Dangers

The film takes McCall away from the familiar territories of the previous instalments and places him amidst the beautiful yet dangerous locales of Sicily, Italy. The juxtaposition of serene Italian coasts and the violent, firebomb-happy mafia creates a compelling backdrop for the unfolding drama and action. McCall, eyeing the town as a potential retirement spot, finds himself embroiled in a battle against the local Camorra, ensuring that his plans for a peaceful retirement are violently disrupted.

Confronting the Mafia: A New Adversary

The Equalizer 3 introduces a new adversary in the form of the ruthless Italian mafia, providing a fresh and formidable opponent for McCall. The mafia, with their brutal tactics and scant regard for the innocent townsfolk, present a challenge that McCall, despite his extensive skill set and weaponry, finds daunting yet morally imperative to confront. The battle against the mafia not only provides thrilling action sequences but also delves into McCall’s character, revealing new facets and depths to the seasoned vigilante.

Denzel Washington: A Performance Par Excellence


Credit: Columbia Pictures

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Embodying Robert McCall: A Nuanced Performance

Denzel Washington’s portrayal of Robert McCall has always been one of the standout elements of The Equalizer series, and in The Equalizer 3, he delivers yet another superb performance. Washington brings a different and intriguing side to McCall, showcasing a range that spans from the ruthlessly efficient eliminator of threats to a man grappling with his own moralities and past. His ability to convey depth, emotion, and ruthless efficiency makes the character of McCall not just a vigilante but a deeply layered individual that audiences can root for.

The Evolution of a Vigilante

In this instalment, Washington’s McCall shows an evolution, providing a fresh take on the familiar character. His interactions with the mafia, the townsfolk, and CIA agent Collins (played by Dakota Fanning) reveal more about the man behind the vigilante, offering insights into his motivations, fears, and moral compass. Washington’s performance ensures that McCall is not a mere action hero but a character with depth, complexity, and humanity.

Cinematic Elements: Action, Angles, and Audio


Credit: Columbia Pictures

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Brutal and Hard-Hitting Action

The Equalizer 3 does not shy away from delivering brutal, hard-hitting action, which will be a delight for fans of the genre. The combat is visceral, the stakes are high, and every punch, gunshot, and explosion is felt, providing a raw and intense cinematic experience. The confrontations with the mafia are particularly thrilling, offering a blend of strategic combat and outright brawls that keep the adrenaline pumping throughout.

Cinematography and Soundtrack: Enhancing the Tension

The film employs some truly interesting camera angles, which not only enhance the action sequences but also add a unique visual flair to the movie. Over the years, I haven’t been the biggest fan of director Antoine Fuqua’s work, but he’s always delivered solid movies. However, with this movie, I feel like he’s really come into his own behind the camera and he demonstrates how talented he really is. Fuqua and Washington work really well together, and I look forward to seeing what they do next.

Meanwhile, the soundtrack, while notably loud, complements the on-screen tension effectively, amplifying the suspense and ensuring that the audience is audibly immersed in every twist and turn of the plot.

Final Thoughts on The Equalizer 3


Credit: Columbia Pictures

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The Equalizer 3 delivers exactly what it promises and what the audience expects – a thrilling, action-packed ride with a protagonist who is as charismatic as he is lethal. Denzel Washington once again proves why he is one of the best in the business, delivering a performance that is both emotionally resonant and physically impressive. The film, while adhering to the successful formula of its predecessors, introduces new elements that ensure it is not merely a rehash but a worthy continuation of a beloved series.

In a landscape saturated with action films and vigilante heroes, The Equalizer 3 stands out, thanks to its compelling protagonist, thrilling action, and moral complexities. It is a film that will satisfy fans of the genre and the series, while also providing enough depth and character development to engage those new to McCall’s brutal world of vigilante justice. With its stunning Italian backdrop, intense action sequences, and a stellar performance from Washington, The Equalizer 3 solidifies its place as a must-watch in the action-thriller genre.

What do you make of this review? Have you seen the latest Denzel Washington movie? If you have, what did you make of it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

You can watch The Equalizer 3 in cinemas worldwide right now.

Good Things

  • Stellar performance by Washington
  • Intriguing setting
  • New adversaries
  • Hard-hitting action
  • Cinematography and soundtrack
  • Character development
  • Engaging plot

Bad Things

  • Familiar formula
  • Loud soundtrack
  • Predictable plot points
  • Violence levels
  • Pacing

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