7 Things We Want To See In Money Heist Season 5

If you have yet to watch Money Heist, just where have you been?

The worldwide rights for La Casa de Papel were bought by Netflix – and the English adaptation meant that the Spanish heist drama gained worldwide infamy, as well as several more series’.

A final season is on its way – but what do ardent fans want to see as the series draws to a close?

Be warned: if you haven’t watched all the episodes yet, there are spoilers past this point.

1. Justice for Nairobi


Credit: Netflix

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Nairobi is probably one of the most beloved characters of the show – and viewers witnessed her very violent death. (There was screaming in my household on seeing that particular episode.)

Nairobi is the lightly crazy cousin that’s a lot of fun to be around – and, by proxy, will bring you ‘up’, thanks to insane amounts of energy.

She is also an epic feminist – such as when there are misogynistic undertones throughout the show.

She also has a much-repeated line throughout the show:  “I am the fucking boss”.

Nairobi also takes other particular female characters under her wing – such as by teaching a hostage to stand up for herself.

Nairobi was robbed of the chance – see what I did there? – to go out with a bang.

Compare to that of Berlin – who went out with a literal bang, in a ray of glory.

Justice needs to be served. Properly.

2. Something needs to be done about Arturo in Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist is notable for the role of women in the show – as well as themes such as dealing with sexism.

It is also notable for embracing a Trans character – and not enabling a prejudiced storyline.

Let us all say it together now: the character of Arturo is a rapist.

And possibly has raped someone more than one. Something needs to be done about this disgusting character.

And it’s probably going to be in an unconventional manner – as we have seen throughout the series.

There is such potential for #MeToo to influence this particular storyline, too.

3. Raquel and The Professor need a proper wedding

Money Heist Season 5 is in the pipeline

Credit: Netflix

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What Raquel and The Professor have is just beautiful.

This is the indomitable duo who are against the world – and one that would put up a Hell of a fight if anything tried to get between them.

And this includes partly being sprung from an illegal police custody holding.

Nothing is impossible – though they may have the occasional hitch, like female members of the gang asking Sergio to be the *ahem* genetic other half to a future child…

The two adorable ‘brains’ of the series need to have a proper wedding – and one with a beautiful white dress, wine, dancing, the songs…..

And it would be a perfect flashback to the wedding where we saw Berlin and The Professor dancing together.

4. Support for Rio


Credit: Netflix

Rio seems to be suffering with PTSD, following an illegal detention where he was tortured.

While the gang has not entirely been sympathetic – possibly because they are right in the middle of a heist – but there is usually a u-turn at the last moment.

5. The Police need to be reformed

What has not been talked about is the police.

While we can all agree that robbery – and therefore the heist – is highly immoral, prisoners and criminals still deserve respect.

There is also the Human Rights Act, with the various stipulations attached to it.

Throughout the series, the police has at times overstepped the boundary, as well as their power – such as when it comes to illegal detentions, mock shootings, denial of medical care, etc.

Money Heist has been noted for having a slight anti-fascist context. (See also: the Professor’s grandfather, and the song the gang sings the most.)

Maybe there will be a slightly deeper plotline this time – complete with the usual dramatics, the Spanish flare, the intensity – to look at the issue of police reform.

Who knows? There may be a solution to all of this – and going from past history, the Professor probably already has a plan in motion.

6. A cameo from Berlin in Money Heist Season 5


Credit: Netflix

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Brilliantly creepy yet cool and cunning, it was a sad farewell to Berlin – captain of the first heist, older brother to The Professor, and all-around charismatic enigma.

Exposed as someone who is hiding their own terminal illness, he decides to go out in a blaze of glory — complete with guns and a girl.

For all his creepiness – enough so I feel I would not be comfortable in a room with him – Berlin was a much-loved character of the series.

We need a cameo from him – maybe in the form of a flashback, or a characteristic of the Professor thinking about his older brother.

And actually, come to think of it, we also need a cameo from Nairobi.

7. Memorable songs in Money Heist Season 5

The thing about Money Heist is that it becomes instantly memorable on first viewing.

Why? The songs, man, the songs! And we could do with having new tracks to add to the repertoire.

There is an anti-fascist chant that is such an earworm, you will be humming or chanting it for days afterwards – there is also the memorable soundtrack that prefaces every episode.

There is also an Italian love song of sorts. (Anastacia fans, have you heard her Ti Amo duet? You are going to love this version – as it shows a flashpoint in the series, and underlines love between brothers.)

The finale of the epic crime series needs to go out with a bang – one with heightened dramatics, high energy, explosives, and a resolution for all of those involved in the heists.

But we need a great song or three to truly create a story arc, to truly put the series to bed.

An army chant would suffice, and maybe we could have a love song or two.

It would shows the vulnerabilities, the humanity of all of those involved.

Keep an eye out for the final series of Money Heist – the date for airing has not been confirmed yet.

What do you make of this feature?

What would you like to see in Money Heist Season 5?

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