Will Money Heist Season 4 See Nairobi Survive After Having Been Been Shot?

Money Heist Season 3 ended on a bombshell moment of Nairobi being shot by a sniper, but some fans seem to think she might be alive in Season 4.

I really didn’t see what eventually happened in Money Heist Season 3 coming.

Nairobi (played Alba Flores) lying on the floor bleeding out after having been shot by a sniper.

She was lying there bleeding out whilst being held by Helsinki (Yashin Dasáyev), whom she had previous professed her love for.

It was shocking and I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.

Naturally, I thought ‘Well, that’s it for Nairobi”. However, some fans seem to think she might actually survive her gunshot wound.

Money Heist Season 3’s ending was shocking


What will happen to Nairobi in Money Heist Season 4? – Credit: Netflix

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This all happened after the new inspector on the scene, Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) walked out in front of the bank and left a blue teddy bear, which belonged to her son.

She then returned with Nairobi’s son, Axel, in hand, and that’s when she was shot by the sniper.

I’m going to be completely frank here, I think she’s a goner.

Nobody could survive being shot in the chest by a sniper rifle.

However, some fans spotted the fact that she’s rather present in a lot of Money Heist Season 4’s promotional material.

In Season 4’s trailer, Nairobi can be seen several times being placed on a table.

It looks like she’s about to be operated on, but she is losing her breath and an awful lot of blood.

Will Nairobi be in Season 4?


Will Nairobi be alive in Money Heist Season 4? – Credit: Netflix

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But, there’s then a moment later on in the trailer when she can be seen waking up dramatically with an oxygen mask on.

Could this moment confirm that Nairobi is actually going to survive? Possibly and some fans on Reddit certainly think so.

One fan on Reddit commented (via The Express Online): “Getting my hopes up!

They continued: “Hopefully, that’s not her last breath or something.

“Especially after the flat beeping noise at the end of the trailer.”

Fans really don’t want Nairobi to die


What will Tokyo do in Money Heist Season 4? – Credit: Netflix

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Another fan of the show added: “I still don’t understand why they would put that in a teaser. Are they trying to spoil their own show?”

“I don’t know but I so love Nairobi here. She has a strong character yet she has the soft-hearted side. I hope she won’t die because she’s my favourite!” commented a third viewer.

Someone else wrote: “If the team dies I’m done with Netflix. Nairobi getting shot was already too much to take.”

Money Heist Season 4 will land on Netflix on April 3rd, 2020, so pretty soon.

What do you make of this theory?

Do you think Nairobi will survive being shot by a sniper is Money Heist Season 4?

Let us know in the comments below.

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