Will Money Heist Season 4 Reveal That Nairobi Is Actually Alive?

WARNING: There are SPOILERS for Money Heist Season 4 in this article.

Money Heist Season 4 is going to be with us very soon – April 3rd to be precise – however, before that time comes, there are a lot of questions we need answering, one of them being is Nairobi really dead?

The end of Money Heist Season 3 was pretty spectacular. It finished with Nairobi being shot by a sniper and lying in Helsinki’s arms bleeding out and telling him to give her son her stash on money when he’s 18.

It was a properly tear-inducing moment and one which left viewers both utterly distraught and infuriated.

First off, Nairobi was everybody’s favourite characters in the show. Simply put, she’s brilliant.

Out of all the characters to die, Nairobi would have been the one that all viewers would have wanted to be OK until the very end.

The perfect ending in my eyes would be to see Nairobi, Helsinki and her son ride off into the sunset. That would have been special.

But it’s looking like we’re not going to get to see that ending play out, or are we?

The ending of Money Heist Season 3 seemed to make it pretty clear that Nairobi’s done for, however, Season 4’s latest teaser trailer seems to indicate she might be alive still.

Does this Money Heist Season 4 promo reveal Nairobi will still be alive?

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The promo for Money Heist Season 4, which also revealed the season’s release date on Netflix, shows the faces of all the members of the team, and it finishes with Nairobi’s face, seemingly indicating that she’s going to be alive in the upcoming season.

However, there could be another meaning to her being in this promo.

First off, Netflix would be pretty keen on keeping people guessing, and secondly, the show has brought back dead characters via flashbacks.

I do wonder whether Nairobi will be present in Money Heist Season 4 but via flashbacks, which would be a bit of a bummer.

We might get to see scenes between her and her child, and she will be present during the planning sequences which took place before Season 3’s heist.

So, yes. Nairobi will be in Season 4, but she probably won’t be involved in the ongoing heist.

What do you think? Will Money Heist Season 4 reveal Nairobi to be alive or will her injuries prove to be too much to overcome?

Let us know in the comments below.

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