Miley Cyrus Role Gets Recast For GOTG Vol 3

Miley Cyrus Role Gets Recast For GOTG Vol 3

Miley Cyrus originally played the role of Mainframe in Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 but now she has been recast with voice actress Tara Strong in the latest GOTG Vol 3.

Mainframe was featured very shortly with the Ravagers in one of the five post-credits scenes in the 2017 film. The team included Stakar Ogord (Sylvester Stallone), Charlie-27 (Ving Rhames), Aleta Ogord (Michelle Yeoh), Krugarr (Jared Oore), and Martinex T’Naga (Michael Rosenbaum).

And like any post-credits scene in MCU, it gave us hope that we’ll be seeing the team again in another Marvel or in a future installment of Guardians of the Galaxy. With such an interesting and star-studded cast, we wondered if they would be able to return.

However, it seems like the popular pop rock singer and songwriter was not able to reprise her role as Mainframe.

Miley Cyrus’ Role As Mainframe Has Been Recast In the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

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A report from The Direct indicates that an official press release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 has revealed that Mainframe is now played by the reputable voice actress Tara Strong. She has played another fan-favorite role in the MCU, in the Loki series.

In Loki, she lent her voice to Miss Minutes, an animated character who acted as some form of guide and mascot in the TVA (Time Variance Authority). She also acts as a liaison between the TVA and the Kang variant, He Who Remains.

Miley Cyrus Role Gets Recast For GOTG Vol 3

Credit: Disney Plus

Strong has been in almost every major animated film or TV project you can think of. From Rugrats, Teen Titans GO!, Agent Elvis, Ben 10, Rick and Morty, Batman, Family Guy, My Little Pony and the list goes on.

Not only that, but she has also been involved with a number of video games like High on Life, World of Warcraft, Star Wars, Batman: Arkham series, Elder Scrolls, Injustice, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid and more. At times I even wonder, what is she not involved in.

In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, she is not the only one who does double duty for the MCU. Rocket Raccoon’s friend Lylla is voiced by Linda Cardellini. Cardellini played Clint Barton’s (aka Hawkeye) wife as Laura Barton. She can be seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Avengers: Endgame (2019) and the Disney Plus series Hawkeye.

Miley Cyrus is Busy With Her Music

Miley Cyrus Role Gets Recast For GOTG Vol 3

Credit: Marvel Studios

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To what reason why the Miley Cyrus was not able to reprise her role for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 is a big question mark. Then again, the singer does keep herself busy. It’s not impossible to see that the shooting schedule was not working for her.

Miley Cyrus had the Attention Tour which ran from February to March 2022. Imagine all the preparation even before that. And she released the Endless Summer Vacation album in 2023 which was produced through her own company. The album itself did pretty well with generally good reviews and she even made an Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions) documentary concert for Disney Plus.

Miley Cyrus Role Gets Recast For GOTG Vol 3

Credit: Netflix

The singer still does act once in a while. Miley Cyrus did an episode of Black Mirror in season 5 titled Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too. It’s interesting though that her portrayal of the character can be compared to her own life. While the episode itself didn’t get high marks for its story and writing, it did highlight that Miley Cyrus can still act impressively well.

But in general, she focuses more on her music and acting is just secondary.

What do you think about Miley Cyrus not returning as Mainframe in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3? Do you like Tara Strong as the new voice of the character? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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