The MCU’s Wolverine Movie Will Be PG-13 – Not R-Rated

It’s being reported that the upcoming Wolverine movie in the MCU won’t be R-rated. It’ll be PG-13 instead which might annoy a few people.

This report comes from Mikey Sutton over at Geekosity.

Sutton is claiming that Marvel Studios’ upcoming Wolverine movie which will take place in the MCU won’t be R-rated.

The last Wolverine movie which starred Hugh Jackman, Logan, was R-rated.

I would say that it still one of the very best comic book movies ever made.

I do believe I’ve put it in top position in a recent ‘The Best Comic Book Movies Of All Time‘ list here on Small Screen.

So, yeah, I love Logan and think that making it R-rated meant they could so so much more with the movie.

However, Marvel Studios just doesn’t make R-rated movies, therefore, it shouldn’t come as surprise to hear they are planning on making it PG-13.

The first MCU Wolverine movie won’t be R-rated

Hugh Jackman Wolverine Sebastian Stan

Credit: Fox

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It’s going to be interesting to see how Marvel Studios and Disney manages to keep franchises like Deadpool going.

They just don’t make R-rated movies, and one of the reasons why the Deadpool films did so well was because they could just push the comic book boundaries further due to the more mature rating.

Deadpool can’t be made without an R-rating, and both movies ended up performing really well at the box office.

The first Deadpool movie ended up making over $782 million at the worldwide box office.

There have been rumours that Disney might get Sony Pictures to make their R-rated Marvel movies.

Let’s wait and see what happens.

What do you make of this rumour?

Would you like to see Marvel Studios make an R-rated Wolverine movie?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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