We May Know Which Villain Ben Mendelsohn Will Play In Captain Marvel

There are new rumours suggesting which villain Ben Mendelsohn might be playing in Captain Marvel and it sounds pretty interesting.

WARNING: Possible SPOILERS for Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel is, on a personal note, one of the Marvel movies I’m looking forward to the most. Firstly, it’s an important movie in its own right since it’ll be the first time Marvel is making a female-led superhero movie. Yet, it’s also got an incredible cast with Oscar winner Brie Larson playing the titular Captain Marvel, a.k.a. Carol Danvers, Samuel L. Jackson reprising his role as Nick Fury, Jude Law as Mar-Vell and Ben Mendelsohn who’s rumoured to be the film’s main villain yet we don’t know who exactly he’ll be playing. Until now that is.

There are rumours circling the Internet suggesting that Mendelsohn could be playing the villain Yon-Rogg. This rumour comes courtesy of That Hashtag Show who have been pretty accurate in the past. Just in case you weren’t quite sure who Yon-Rogg is exactly and why this is such an interesting character for Mendelsohn to be playing, here’s a description of the character:

We May Know Which Villain Ben Mendelsohn Could Play In Captain Marvel 1

Ben Mendelsohn may be playing Yon-Rogg in Captain Marvel

The jealous rival of Kree hero Mar-Vell, Colonel Yon-Rogg first appeared in Marvel SuperHeroes #12 where it was revealed that he had been charged by the Supreme Intelligence, along with Mar-Vell,  with observing and reporting on Earth to determine if the evolving species had become a threat to the Kree Empire. Yon-Rogg used his authority to sabotage Mar-Vell in hopes of stealing the heart of Una, a Kree medic assigned to the mission and the love of Mar-Vell. Mar-Vell escapes Yon-Rogg’s treachery and goes undercover on Earth, adopting the persona of Walter Lawson, a dead scientist who was working on a base that contained Kree Sentry #459 which had been defeated by the Fantastic Four.

Yon-Rogg’s repeated attempts to destroy Mar-Vell ultimately lead him to attempt to kill Carol Danvers, the head of security at the base where Mar-Vell worked as Lawson. It was during this attempt that Danvers underwent the accident that caused her to gain the powers she possessed as Captain Marvel.

So, if this does turn out to be true, then a lot of this movie could be centred on the relationship between Jude Law’s Mar-vell and Mendelsohn’s Yon-Rogg, and it’ll be up to Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel to solve the problem and defeat the Kree Colonel. We already know that Captain Marvel will be an origins story and that Law’s Mar-vell will serve as her mentor. One really interesting thing about Captain Marvel is that it’ll introduce shapeshifting alien race, the Skrulls, into the MCU which will pose some questions later on.

What do you think of the idea of seeing Mendelsohn playing Yon-Rogg in Captain Marvel? Let us know in the comments below.

Captain Marvel is set to hit UK cinemas on March 8th, 2019.

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