Todd McFarlane Gives Us A Sneak Peek At His Spawn Reboot Script

Todd McFarlane took to Twitter to shared a sneak peek at his script for his upcoming low-budget Spawn reboot. Check it out below.

Before now, the Spawn reboot was in a bit of a limbo state for quite some time. However, Todd McFarlane confirmed at this year’s New York Comic Con that the movie is a go and he is hard at work on the film’s script is basically finished. The film, which will be a low budget movie, will begin production in early 2018 and McFarlane confirmed that it will be an R-rated picture saying that it’ll be “dark and R-rated”.

We did get a Spawn movie back in 1997 but it was far from being good and the character does deserve a good movie adaptation and would suit the big screen nicely. It sounds like McFarlane is taking the correct approach to this movie by making it low-budget and R-rated. Hopefully, the script is up to snuff and it is a nice tight story and serves the character properly, much in the same vein as 2016’s Deadpool.

McFarlane recently took to Twitter to share a sneak peek at his script for the Spawn movie and part of the tweet’s caption read: “Will be getting you some big news soon!!” Check out the twitter in which McFarlane shared a brief glimpse of the script below.

The scene is set in a shooting range and depicts two men (I’m presuming they’re men) Danny and Twitch, who are doing some shooting practice. Twitch is a pretty good shot. That’s about it for the script’s sneak peek. I do wonder whether these two individuals are Sam and Twitch from the comics, two LAPD detectives who have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Al Simmons, a.k.a. Spawn.

McFarlane recently spoke to about the movie, which is going to be set in New York City but in order to keep it low-budget, they’ve decided to film in other, cheaper cities that are not the Big Apple. “I think those are spots you can shoot and there are areas that you can do convincing New York stock especially given you know I’m not down in the stories built around Wall Street. I don’t need those buildings. It’s in sort of the grungier parts of town so I can find that at in other places”, he said.

“If you save $100,000 here, $200,000 here, half a million dollars here, it may allow you to do another trick or go get another actor or something. You’re basically just moving the financial pieces around to get the most bang for your buck and we’re going to do all that”, he added.

Spawn has no release date yet, but it’s set for a 2019 release date. What do you think of the idea of seeing a low-budget R-rated Spawn movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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