Matt Smith Reportedly Replacing Adam Driver In Fantastic Four


It looks like Matt Smith might be playing Mr Fantastic in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie! The illusion of truth often lies in the repetition of a statement until it begins to feel like reality. This phenomenon has recently played out within the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) latest Fantastic Four casting saga. Initial rumours suggested Adam Driver was to don the iconic role of Reed Richards in the forthcoming Fantastic Four film.

However, recent whispers have hinted at Doctor Who and House of the Dragon star Matt Smith stepping into the role instead, creating a ripple effect of uproar among fans​ (via FandomWire).

Matt Smith in for Adam Driver in the Fantastic Four movie…?


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Marvel Studios, always a hub of speculation and rumours, had initially set tongues wagging with news of offering Driver the role of Reed Richards. According to Jeff Sneider on The Hot Mic Podcast, the Star Wars: The Force Awakens actor was being eyed for the role. Although initially considered for the role of Doctor Doom, the similarities between this character and Driver’s previous role as the villainous Kylo Ren led to a shift in casting plans. Consequently, it was reported that Driver was chosen to embody Reed Richards instead.

Insiders from Marvel Studios have reportedly confirmed Driver’s appearance as Reed Richards in the reboot of Fantastic Four. However, the absence of an official announcement has left fans feeling a touch apprehensive, particularly with the emerging rumours of a potential casting change.

The Fan Furore Over The Rumoured Replacement

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Following the unexpected Twitter post hinting at Matt Smith replacing Driver, the MCU fandom went into a frenzy. Despite the lack of any official confirmation, fans have been passionately expressing their views on this speculated change, predominantly voicing their preference for Driver over Smith.

Twitter has been ablaze with reactions, with one user stating flatly, “Hell no” (@reedscouncil), while others expressed their disinterest and disappointment with tweets such as “Nope. Not interested” (@whitehulk33) and “Please no.” (@Pich3x). One user, @_DarkTheEnigma, even suggested that they could see Smith in the role of Maker, but not Reed Richards.

The majority of fans appear to favour Adam Driver, particularly following his acclaimed performances in the Star Wars series. The idea of seeing anyone else in the role, particularly Smith, has been met with resistance, resulting in a social media war as fans rally in support of their preferred casting choice.

While the rumoured casting shake-up has certainly created a buzz, it’s clear that many fans remain hopeful that the initial plans will hold firm, with Adam Driver stepping into the role of Reed Richards in the Fantastic Four reboot. The casting rumours, however, have sparked an engaging debate, demonstrating once again the passion of MCU’s fan base and their investment in the characters they have come to know and love.

Despite the potential for a surprise casting announcement, it seems that the majority of fans would prefer to see Driver take on the role of Reed Richards, rather than Smith. With anticipation building, fans eagerly await official confirmation from Marvel Studios to either quash or confirm the swirling rumours.

Only time will tell who will ultimately don the iconic suit of Reed Richards in the forthcoming Fantastic Four film. Until then, the speculation, discussions, and debates are set to continue, adding an intriguing layer of suspense to the already eagerly anticipated Fantastic Four reboot.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing this upcoming Fantastic Four MCU movie? Do you think that Matt Smith would be a good choice for the role of Reed Richards in the film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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