10 Anime Shows To Binge On Crunchyroll Now (July 2023)


Anime lovers, gather round! The summer anime season is here and with it, a host of brilliant anime shows to lose yourself in. We’ve curated a top-notch list of the best anime shows you can binge on Crunchyroll this month.

From hilarious comedies to intense action adventures, there’s something for everyone. So, grab your snacks, get comfy, and prepare to be swept into the fascinating world of anime that Crunchyroll has to offer.

10. The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses


Credit: Crunchyroll

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Kicking off our list is this adorable school-life anime. Kaede Komura, our protagonist, has a bit of a crush on Ai Mie, the girl who sits next to him in class.

But Ai has a bit of a problem, she keeps forgetting her glasses, leading to some funny and heartwarming moments as Kaede steps in to help. This one’s a must-watch if you’re into light-hearted, slice-of-life stories.

9. The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today


Credit: Crunchyroll

Picture this, a gigantic black cat named Yukichi that can do household chores and prides itself on its cooking skills. This show is a delightful comedy that will have you chuckling as you follow the adventures of Yukichi and its human companion, Saku. This cat might be depressed, but it sure knows how to keep things entertaining.

8. Undead Girl Murder Farce


Credit: Crunchyroll

This supernatural detective story is set in the 19th century and revolves around a detective known as a “cage user” who is called upon to assist after the death of a vampire’s wife. With intriguing characters and a captivating plot, this series is perfect for those who enjoy a good mystery with a supernatural twist.

7. Horimiya: The Missing Pieces


Credit: Crunchyroll

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This is a continuation of the beloved slice-of-life series “Horimiya”, featuring parts of the manga that didn’t appear in the main anime. If you’re a fan of stories about everyday life with a bit of romance mixed in, this one’s for you.

6. Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War – The Separation


Credit: Crunchyroll

This one’s for all the “Bleach” fans out there. The fourth season of Bleach is back for its second cour, and anime enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to find out what happens next in the final arc of the show.

5. Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead


Credit: Crunchyroll

If you enjoy horror-comedy, this series is for you. The plot revolves around Akira Tendo, an overworked employee who suddenly finds his town taken over by zombies. The twist? Akira is ecstatic about missing a day of work. Get ready for a roller-coaster ride of laughter and thrills with this one.

4. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2


Credit: Crunchyroll

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This popular isekai series is back with its second season. Join Rudeus Greyrat on his extraordinary adventures in a world full of magic and mystery. This one’s a must-watch for all the fantasy lovers out there.

3. Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2


Credit: Crunchyroll

Here’s another sequel that has fans on the edge of their seats. This supernatural series has jujutsu sorcerers protecting the world from cursed beings, and Season 2 promises to be just as exciting as the first. Prepare to be hooked by the intense action and thrilling storyline.

2. Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5


Credit: Crunchyroll

The fifth season of Bungo Stray Dogs is finally here. This series, full of action and supernatural elements, continues the story of Atsushi and the others as they attempt to prove their innocence. Expect lots of suspense and intrigue in this one.

1. The Devil is a Part-Timer!! Season 3


Credit: Crunchyroll

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Topping our list is the much-awaited third season of this hilarious series. The demon lord is back for more adventures, and this season promises to be just as fun and entertaining as the previous ones. Get ready for some hearty laughter with this one.

All these shows are available on Crunchyroll, so get your binge-watching gear ready. Enjoy your anime marathon!

What do you make of this list? Are there any shows on this list that you are now interested in checking out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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