Matt Ryan Wants To Play Constantine In HBO Max’s Justice League Dark Series

Matt Ryan has revealed that he would love to play Constantine in the upcoming HBO Max Justice League Dark series, which would be interesting.

Ryan has been playing John Constantine for quite some time.

He began his time playing the DC Comics character in his own TV show called Constantine.

However, the show was cancelled, much to fans’ annoyance.

Thankfully, Ryan was brought back to play the character in The CW’s other DC Comics TV show, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

He’s since turned up as the character in multiple crossover episodes and is a really fan-favourite.

When it was revealed that HBO Max is making a Justice League Dark TV show, fans immediately said that Matt Ryan should get to play Constantine in the new series.

Should Matt Ryan play Constantine in Justice League Dark?

Matt Ryan as John Constantine in Legends of Tomorrow Reboot

Matt Ryan as John Constantine in Legends of Tomorrow – Credit: The CW

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Ryan’s now put his name in the ring admitting he’d love to play the character in the show.

Here’s what Ryan told in a recent interview about playing Constantine in Justice League Dark:

I always say to them, ‘Just get me in the room.’ And then if they don’t want me for the role that’s their choice. But I would be very disappointed if a project like that went ahead without even sitting down and seeing what I could do with the material.

Honestly, I would be very surprised if HBO and Warner Bros. don’t let him at least audition for the role.

I’m pretty sure he’d do very well on the show if he’s given the chance.

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to see Matt Ryan play John Constantine in the upcoming Justice League Dark HBO Max series?

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