Marvel Studios Rushed An Upcoming Disney Plus Series


It’s been revealed by the show’s head writer that the studio rushed an upcoming Disney Plus Marvel Studios series that she’s been working on. The head writer in question is Marion Dayre and she’s been working on the upcoming MCU show, Echo.

She revealed this during an appearance on the podcast, The Writer’s Panel, which was reported on by The Cosmic Cirucs. According to Dayer, the whole process on Marvel’s Echo series has been rather turbulent.

Prior to working on Echo, Dayre became well-known in Hollywood circles for her work as the story editor and writer of Better Call Saul. That series has gone on to win Emmys and has been critically acclaimed.

During her interview on The Writer’s Panel, she was asked about what experiences gained from working on Better Call Saul helped her with her work on Marvel’s Echo. Dayreexplained that the Marvel show required her to adapt her working pattern to “work with deadlines.” Here’s what she had to say on the matter:

It was really about finding a process in the moment that allowed me to get to some deadlines and, you know, be a little more flexible than I would have been if, you know, if I had  all the time in the world I would have done it a little bit differently.

Marvel’s Echo series for Disney Plus has been rushed


Credit: Marvel Studios

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She then went on to describe working on Echo as a “crash course”. Dayre then explained that this differed from how she approached Better Call Saul. For the former, Dayre used a “brick-by-brick process” where each episode was broken “three times.”

Unfortunately, this wasn’t how they did things on the MCU project, Echo. Dayre explained that she ended up using her experiences working on a limited series called The Act, which she claimed ended up being broken “fairly quickly”.

The insight gained from her work on a limited series allowed the writer to lay out “some tentpoles that we more or less stuck with.”

However, whilst Dayre was able to find workarounds, it’s clear that the talent favours a more methodological approach to her work, admitting that “if [she] had all the time in the world [she] would have done it a little bit differently.”

Marvel and other studios need to slow down their output

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This all comes after people in the industry have described working with Marvel Studios and Disney as incredibly hard with ridiculous deadlines and expectations. VFX artists have suffered the brunt of this, and it’s clear that studios like Marvel need to change the way they work with creators, writers, and VFX artists.

It has to get better if we really want to see positive results and end up getting better movies and TV shows in the long run. Currently, the industry is ablaze with people that are just burnt out and it means that many of these companies end up having incredibly high turnover as far as staff is concerned.

Maybe we, the consumers, also have to temper our expectations. We can’t expect a new Marvel show or movie to come out every month. It’s just unrealistic and has resulted in a lot of people suffering to bring us this content.

It also has resulted in a worse product overall. It’s pretty clear that the MCU’s Phase 4 was not as successful and well put together as the previous phases were. Less is more. Remember that, Marvel.

Echo is slated to release on Disney Plus in the Summer of 2023, although it’s rumoured to have been delayed until early 2024.

What do you make of this news? Do you think that Marvel Studios’ Echo series is going to be any good? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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