Marvel Looking To Make A Violent Daredevil Limited Series

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It’s been revealed to us by sources who claim to have close links to Marvel Studios that the company is looking at making a violent Daredevil limited series which could be coming to their recently announced STAR section on Disney Plus. Now, full disclosure, some of these sources had previously told me that it was a Daredevil movie they were working on, yet it seems as though Marvel’s plans have changed.

It was reported a few days ago that Charlie Cox was returning to the MCU as Matt Murdock (aka, Daredevil) in the upcoming Spider-Man 3. We were then told that he was also going to be reprising the role in the She-Hulk series which is coming to Disney Plus. It was also reported by Mikey Sutton over at Geekosity that Kevin Feige and Marvel were working on bringing a Daredevil series – possibly for Hulu. Here’s what he wrote back on November 25th:

I keep hearing from insiders that Feige is intending on keeping the adult nature of Daredevil, a perfect fit for the MA programming on the streamer Hulu, which Disney mostly owns.

A violent Daredevil series reportedly in the works for STAR on Disney Plus


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Mikey then also added that Daredevil and Moon Knight could meet in the second season of Moon Knight, which is coming to Disney Plus. Here’s what he wrote in his report:

There have been whispers of Daredevil meeting Moon Knight, possibly in the second season of his Disney+ program. But when Daredevil gets his show again, expect the same level of brutality and drama albeit with a larger budget. The continuity of the Netflix years may not be kept; however, the broken spirit of Daredevil will haunt Hell’s kitchen again, uncut, unrestrained.

OK, so now onto what my sources added about the Daredevil series which is reportedly in development over at Marvel Studios. One of them informed me that the series would be rather violent, much like the Netflix series was, and that it would star Charlie Cox in the lead. Here’s what they said:

A Daredevil series is in the works over at Marvel Studios. This is very much being spearheaded by Kevin Feige and it’s going to be violent. When I say violent, I mean VIOLENT. Possibly R-rated. And it looks like it’s coming to STAR on Disney Plus. Hulu in the US at the moment.

Daredevil’s limited series is going to be very VIOLENT

daredevil matt murdock spider man 3 charlie cox

Credit: Marvel

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Then a second source that I’ve worked with in the past added that this Daredevil show would be a limited series. Full disclosure, this source was one of the ones who told me that this Daredevil project would be a movie. However, I’ll let them explain what happened themselves via their quote:

Looks like the Daredevil movie I told you about a few days ago isn’t actually a movie. They’re filming it as they would a film, but it’s going to be released as a limited series. Possibly four episodes. It’ll be coming to STAR (on Disney Plus in Europe, UK, India… Not sure where it’ll come in the US… maybe HULU). This Daredevil series could also be rated 18+ (R-rated in the US).

So, it seems as though Charlie Cox is going to be back in a big way in the MCU as Daredevil. This is something that I and many other Daredevil fans have been desperate to see for quite some time now. It’s also great to hear that they’re going to do the character justice by making it as violence as the Netflix series was.

I have reached out to Marvel Studios and Disney for comment on this story. They have yet to reply. I’ll update as soon as I hear anything else regarding this ongoing story. Charlie Cox is represented by United Agents.

What do you make of this story? Are you looking forward to seeing Charlie Cox return as Daredevil in a limited-series on STAR? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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