These Are The MCU Movies You Shouldn’t Skip In Your Next Rewatch

TV and movies are what keep us going at these difficult times, and especially during lockdown we’ve been catching up on and watching things we’ve never seen before. 

With Netflix, Amazon Prime, and a good Fibre Optic Installation we are able to access some of the most popular tv shows and movies in the world and one of those is the MCU movies. 

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been going for the last 12 years and has been the most successful movie universe in cinema history.

If you are looking to watch the MCU for yourself or do a rewatch, these are some of the movies you shouldn’t skip. 


Paul Rudd in the very first Ant-Man movie

Paul Rudd in the very first Ant-Man movie – Credit: Marvel Studios

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Ant-Man is a relatively small character in the MCU at first (no pun intended).

And because he’s not a big name like Iron Man or Thor you may choose to skip this movie when rewatching the saga.

But Ant-Man is an important movie that has implications for the whole MCU, and is the first movie that introduces the Quantum Realm. For you to enjoy Infinity War and Endgame properly, this movie is key. 

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange 2 Scott Derrickson MCU Marvel

Could Miss America turn up in Doctor Strange 2? – Credit: Marvel Studios

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Benedict Cumberbatch is reason enough not to skip this movie in the franchise, but there are other reasons to.

Doctor Strange again is a new character and this might cause some people not to watch the movie, but it is a movie that introduces magic.

To understand the mystical aspects of the MCU, this is an important watch, and Doctor Strange plays a huge part in the saga from this point forward. 

Thor: Dark World

Thor: The Dark World will be available to watch on Disney Plus

Thor: The Dark World will be available to watch on Disney Plus – Credit: Marvel Studios

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There are some harsh words that have been said about this movie, but this is a solid instalment in the franchise and is one you don’t want to skip over.

In the context of the MCU, this is one of the integral films that introduces an infinity stone, and the reality stone is an important part of the cinematic universe later on.

Even if Jane isn’t the most exciting character in this film, the journey the film takes us on as well as the introduction of a possible multiverse is important. 

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home spider man 3 title

Zendaya and Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Far From Home – Credit: Marvel Studios

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As soon as we watched Endgame, it felt like the end of the most amazing saga is cinematic history, but life goes on.

Even after the events of the snap, Peter Parker’s story continues and this instalment of his trilogy really needs to be seen.

Mysterio is a confounding and enigmatic character, and his involvement with Tony Stark and BARF technology is a crucial plot element and further shows how interconnected everything is. 

Iron Man 3


Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin in Iron Man 3 – Credit: Marvel Studios

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This was by no means a popular movie in the MCU, however even if you don’t agree with the way this movie handled the Mandarin, it is important for the future.

When you watch this movie be sure to watch the Marvel one-shot All Hail The King, and this plays a part in the future of the MCU as Shang Chi will feature the 10 Rings as a pivotal feature.

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Which MCU movies have you been rewatching during this lockdown period?

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