Marvel Fans Love Richard E. Grant’s Performance In Loki


Loki Episode 5 landed on Disney Plus the other day and it saw Richard E. Grant play the classic version of Loki and fans seemed to love it.

There were lots of rumours about who Richard E. Grant would be playing in the show.

It was revealed last week in Loki Episode 4 that he was playing the Golden Age version of Loki.

After watching Episode 5, I and many other Marvel fans seem to think that it was the perfect casting decision.

Towards the end of the episode, Classic Loki really came into his own and basically became the show’s hero.

It was a really interesting character study of Loki with all the different versions of Loki all appearing in one episode.

Classic Loki being the oldest one is also the wisest and has come to realise the idiocy of Loki.

Richard E. Grant was brilliant in Loki Episode 5

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They just keep on double-crossing one another and there are only a few Lokis who seem to be above it all.

Hiddleston’s MCU Loki, Richard E. Grant’s Classic Loki, Kid Loki (also the youngest one), Sylvie and Alligator Loki who seem to be able to get beyond Loki’s selfishness.

Loki’s constant search for ‘Glorious Purpose’ is the issue for most of them.

However, Richard E. Grant’s Loki comes to realise what the search for ‘Glorious Purpose’ is all about.

It was a truly special episode with a truly special performance from Richard E. Grant.

What did you make of Loki Episode 5?

Did you enjoy Richard E. Grant’s performance as much as I did?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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