Margot Robbie Wants A Harley Quinn/Batgirl Team-Up Movie


Margot Robbie has revealed that she wants to talk to DC Films about a possible Harley Quinn and Batgirl team-up movie, which I think would be awesome.

Robbie revealed this during a recent interview with ET Online in which she was asked about the upcoming Batgirl film.

It was revealed recently that Leslie Grace had been cast as Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl.

Well, it looks like Robbie wasn’t really aware of this fact and once she was told about it, she immediately wanted a Quinn/Batgirl team-up film.

Check out what she had to say on the matter in the quote below.

Margot Robbie would love to see a Harley Quinn and Batgirl team-up movie


Credit: DC Films

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Here’s what Margot had to say when she was told about Leslie Grace being cast as Batgirl:

I didn’t know that! Oh, how cool! That’s wicked. She’s amazing.

The interviewer then went on to joke that they should make a Harley Quinn and Batgirl team-up movie.

Margot Robbie played along with the joke and went on to take out her phone and fake calling Warner Bros. Pictures.

She said the following:

Yeah, I’m calling– Warner Bros, can you put me through to DC? Yeah, thank you. I’m on it. Don’t worry.

The thing is, this could all result in Quinn and Batgirl meeting up in a future DC Comics movie.

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to see a Harley Quinn and Batgirl team-up movie?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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