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Lucifer Season 5 To See The Return Of The Devil’s Mother? Here’s How

Lucifer Season 5 shouldn’t be too far off from being released on Netflix. Hopefully, it’s only a few months away, and we’re now getting some pretty interesting theories for the upcoming and final season.

Tom Ellis – who plays Lucifer, of course – is a rather active guy on social media, especially Instagram. The British actor has been posting pictures, stories and videos from the set of Lucifer Season 5.

He posted a new picture recently of him getting dressed for an upcoming scene, and some eagle-eyed fans spotted something pretty interesting about Lucifer’s ring.

If you’ve been paying attention to the show, you might have noticed that Lucifer wears an Onyx right which he claimed in Season 2 of the show only had “sentimental value”, but it might mean more to him than that.

Interestingly enough, in all these behind the scenes images, he’s been sharing, he’s been without this ring, and this has lead to some fans suggesting that its absence could have something to do with Lucifer’s mother’s return.

Cast your mind back to Season two’s finale, Lucifer was stripped of everything apart from that ring, so it must be quite important.

Could Lucifer Season 5 see the return of Lucifer’s mother?

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However, this isn’t the only theory going around the Internet about the power of this ring.

One fan on Reddit suggested that the ring acts as a gate locking in all the bad things from hell.

Reddit user Sagloh explained: “Lucifer was always wearing his ring, one of the few personal items he brought with him from hell… maybe it could be kinda important key or seal for a great threat that’s locked away in hell.

“Or he already got it back then in the Silver City as kinda reward or symbol with a hidden meaning/power that Lucifer’s not aware of yet and it’ll be revealed to be used in a certain sitch in season five.”

It does sound as though this ring might have some kind of importance in Season 5 since it’s been around since the very beginning and we still don’t know what it does.

What do you think? Could Lucifer’s ring hold the power to bring his mother back in Season 5? Let us know in the comments below.

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