Lucifer Boss Explains Chloe’s Big Change In Season 6

Season 5 Part 2 saw some pretty big changes for Chloe Decker, but the show’s boss has revealed that there are even bigger changes to come for the character in Lucifer Season 6.

Lucifer’s head writer Chris Rafferty was talking to Neural Cluster about the show and in particular Lucifer Season 6.

During the interview, he opened up about what Chloe Decker’s changes in Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 will mean for the character moving forward.

WARNING: Before we continue, there are SPOILERS for Season 5 Part 2 in this article!

So, Season 5 Part 2 saw Chloe die, then come back to life, then leave the LAPD and become Lucifer’s consultant.

What a twist! However, it seems like those huge changes will have extremely big implications in Lucifer Season 6.

Lucifer Season 6’s boss explains Chloe Decker’s big change


Credit: Netflix

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Here’s what Chris Rafferty told Neural Cluster:

I’m so happy you enjoyed that turn. I love it, because I love change in stories.

To be honest, I don’t remember when we decided to have Chloe leave the force. As we were breaking these episodes in the writers room, remember: we thought season 5 was the end of the show. So we could entertain ideas for bigger changes and not worry about how that would affect future seasons.

Because of this, I think all of us writers were pretty open to it, not much debate at all. Especially because we didn’t feel Chloe was sacrificing her identity – she was actually figuring out a new, bigger way to help even more people. A promotion, of sorts.

We also liked the idea of making their partnership even more cooperative, taking turns being the lead, and Chloe acknowledging that Lucifer has really been helping her do her work for the entire show. It felt like nice symmetry as we approached the end.

But when we were faced with doing one more season – uh oh! Chloe’s not a detective anymore! What do we do for cases of the week? Luckily, you can’t take the detective out of Chloe, and we had no trouble finding the narrative drive for the stories in our final season arc.

If anything, it pushed us to be more creative than ever. Our ‘cases’ will be more personal than ever, allowing us to really focus on our main cast of characters as we approach the end.

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