A Lord Of The Rings Gollum TV Spinoff Show Reportedly In The Works At Amazon

It’s being rumoured that a The Lord Of The Rings Gollum TV spinoff show is being discussed over at Amazon HQ, which could be really interesting.

This rumour comes courtesy of We Got This Covered’s sources.

They don’t always have the best track-record in these sorts of scoops.

However, people do seem to be running with this rumour and it actually does make sense.

So, Amazon bought the TV rights to The Lord Of The Rings for a ridiculous amount of money.

They are now developing the TV show which they’re hoping will end up being bigger than Game of Thrones.

In all seriousness, it probably will be because Amazon is also putting a lot of money behind this show.

Amazon might be working on a The Lord Of The Rings spinoff show for Gollum

the lord of the rings gollum spinoff tv show

Credit: New Line Cinema

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This is why the rumours that Amazon is already prepping a Gollum TV show make sense.

First off, Gollum is an incredibly interesting character within the Lord of the Rings lore.

He’s also brilliantly played by Andy Serkis and I know that he would be very interested in returning to play the character.

It’s kind of a no-brainer for Amazon because so many people would want to watch it.

If they get Serkis back to play the character, they could explore Gollum’s backstory, which was explored a bit in the movies.

However, they could delve deeper into how Smeagol became Gollum.

What do you make of this rumour?

Would you like to see Gollum get his own The Lord Of The Rings spinoff show?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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