Loki Director Wants Mobius To Have A Jet Ski In Season 2


Loki’s director, Kate Herron has revealed that she would really love to see Owen Wilson’s Mobius get a jet ski in Loki Season 2.

Herron recently revealed that she would not be returning to director Loki Season 2.

I find this news to actually be quite sad because I think she did an excellent job with Season 1.

However, during an interview with Collider, she did outline her thoughts for what should happen in Season 2.

The thing she was very clear on was that Mobius should be given a jet ski in the upcoming season.

Have a look at what she had to say on the matter below.

Loki Season 2 should see Mobius get a jet ski!


Credit: Disney Plus

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Here’s what Kate Herron had to say about Loki Season 2 having to give Mobius a jet ski:

So I guess that’s the task, right? Of whoever directs it next, they have to get him on his jet ski. If that’s not the opening of Season 2… But yeah, it was funny, actually, because I think me and the writers and everyone who worked on the show, we were also delighted because, obviously, seeing everyone, they loved the jet skis. And we were like, ‘There was so much stuff’, and we were like, ‘Oh, man’. Because we all knew, obviously, he was not going to be on one. So I think definitely; I’m sure that will be a treat for the next season.

So, whoever takes control of Season 2 must take Herron’s words into account.

Give Mobius a jet ski in Loki Season 2! It must be done.

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to see Mobius get a jet ski in Loki Season 2?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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