Lex Luthor Would Have Saved The World In Justice League 3

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Zack Snyder has revealed that Lex Luthor would have ended up saving the world in his Justice League 3 movie, and he also revealed how he would have done it.

Snyder revealed this during an interview on the podcast DC Cinematic Cast, and it sounds like it would have been an interesting plot twist.

During the interview, Snyder talked of what his plans for the next few Justice League movies were.

That was when he got onto the subject of Lex Luthor and how he would have ended up saving the world.

Lex would have been the one to kill Darkseid – not Batman, not Superman, not Wonder Woman, not Aquaman, not The Flash, not Cyborg.

No, it was going to be Lex.

Zack Snyder reveals that Lex Luthor would have saved the world in Justice League 3

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Here’s what Snyder had to say about how Lex Luthor would have saved the world in Justice League 3:

We talked about that he’d in the final battle, he’s the one that brings the nuke into Darkseid’s spaceship and detonates it himself. It’s kind of like he wasn’t down with the concept of completely destroying mankind. He didn’t realize that was the bet. So that kind of thing is something he would be capable of. He could go all the way.

So, it sounds like Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor would have ended up being something of a hero after all.

That would have been really fun to watch, but it looks like it won’t happen any time soon.

What do you make of this news?

Do you wish Zack Snyder has been given a chance to make a Justice League 3 movie?

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