Jesse Eisenberg Wants To Play Lex Luthor Again In The DCEU

When Jesse Eisenberg was first cast as Lex Luthor in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, many people – myself included – thought, “Really? That guy?”.

After having watched his rather odd performance in Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman movie, our reservations were proven to have been spot on.

He was far too weird and Zuckerberg-esc for the role and it just didn’t work. It was a fine effort, but he was not Lex Luthor, and he really went off the rails by the end of the movie.

However, it sounds like Eisenberg isn’t done with the role yet and has revealed that he would really love to play the role in the DCEU again, but he also added that he highly doubts it’ll happen.

Should Jesse Eisenberg return to play Lex Luthor in the DCEU?

jesse eisenberg lex luthor dceu batman v superman

Jesse Eisenberg wants to return as Lex Luthor in the DCEU – Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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When he was asked by MovieWeb whether he’d like to play Lex Luthor again, Eisenberg replied: “Oh, 1000 per cent. Which is not even… that’s ten pies. Ten full pies. Yeah, of course. Yeah. I loved it so much. I mean I was the shyest kid in the world. To get to play a mean character with flamboyance like that is exhilarating.”

However, he went on to add: “I probably won’t do another. I don’t know if they’re making another one where I would be in it.

“But no, I loved it. It was great. I’m so happy I got to do it. Ever,” he finished.

It’s actually quite heartwarming to see him being so positive about his time playing the iconic villain, and I have to say that he did his utmost with the material he was given.

Jesse Eisenberg had the ability, just not the material

Jesse Eisenberg DCEU Lex Luthor

Will Jesse Eisenberg get to play Lex Luthor in the DCEU again? – Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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It was more a case of poor writing and direction as opposed to poor acting. Eisenberg clearly has ability, but he really wasn’t the right choice for the role, and I’m sure even he knows that in retrospect.

Would you like to see Jesse Eisenberg return to the role of Lex Luthor in the DCEU? Let us know in the comments below.

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