LaKeith Stanfield Wants To Star In A Joker Movie Directed By The Safdie Brothers

It seems like everybody wants to get their hands on the Joker after Todd Phillips’ movie’s incredible success.

The film has a whole bunch of nominations this awards season.

It’s also opened the floodgates to Hollywood making more interesting comic book movies.

We’ve now heard that actor LaKeith Stanfield has been thinking a bit about what kind of Joker movie he’d like to star in.

He was talking to Collider about this very thing whilst promoting his current movie, The Photograph.

During this interview, he was asked what he would bring to a new Joker movie if he were cast in it.

This was when he opened up about wanting to see the Safdie Brothers get to make a Joker movie.

“What I’d bring to it would have a lot to do with who I collaborate with, and how the story’s written and what world we exist in, and then I’ll go do my lil magic,” he began.

He was then asked who he’d like to see make a Joker movie with him starring in it.

This was when he revealed he’d love to see what The Safdie Brothers would do with the property.

Should LaKeith Stanfield star in a Joker movie?

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker in Todd Phillips' Joker

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker in Todd Phillips’ Joker (Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)

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“Hey, wouldn’t it be crazy if me and the Safdies did something like that?” he answered.

I would love to see what he’d do with the Joker is the Safdie Brothers were making the movie.

They recently collaborated on Uncut Gems and the Safdie’s are the most interesting directors working in Hollywood today.

However, they tend to make their own movies and have shied away from making bigger studio movies.

That said, it seems as though Warner Bros. Pictures is fine making smaller budget movies.

Todd Phillips’ Joker had a budget of $50 million, which is pretty small for a comic book movie.

Would you like to see LaKeith Stanfield star in a Joker movie written and directed by the Safdie Brothers?

Let us know in the comments below.

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