Kit Harington To Appear As Black Knight In MCU Blade Movie


It’s been revealed that the upcoming MCU Blade movie is going to feature Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman, aka Black Knight.

This is exciting on a personal level because I think Harington is terrific and I love the Black Knight character from the comics.

But, before I get into all of that geeky stuff, let’s discuss where this report comes from.

It actually comes from an interview Eternals VFX Supervisor Stephane Ceretti did with ComicBook.

During the conversation, Ceretti ended up chatting about the magnetic effects of the Ebony Blade in the post-credits scene.

Ceretti explained that the mystical sword will be used in Blade in a bigger capacity than it was in Eternals.

The VFX supervision was obviously hinting at Black Knight’s involvement in the movie.

Here’s what Ceretti had to say on the matter:

The funny thing is my second on the show, which is Mårten Larsson my additional supervisor, is actually going to be supervising Blade very soon. So I told him, I said, ‘I’m giving that to you as a gift, use it wisely and make good out of it.’ But I’m sure it’s going to do actually even better.

Looks like Kit Harington is going to be playing Black Knight in the MCU’s Blade movie!

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There you have it. That’s pretty much confirmation that Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman will be in the upcoming Blade movie.

It makes so much sense because one of Eternals’ post-credits scenes involves Whitman opening up a box and revealing the Ebony blade.

There’s then a voice off screen which asks Dane: “You sure you’re ready for that, Mr. Whitman?”

That voice was revealed to be Mahershala Ali’s, who’s going to be playing Blade in the MCU.

Who is the Black Knight in the Marvel Comics?

Marvel-Black-Knight kit harington

Credit: Marvel Comics

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The Ebony blade had belonged to the Whitmans for generations, and he (or she) who wields the blade becomes the Black Knight and is imbued with incredible power.

There have even been some Marvel Comics which have revealed that the Ebony blade is the most powerful thing in the Marvel Comics universe.

It literally can destroy worlds. It’s all pretty darn cool.

However, the comics never really took full advantage of Black Knight, and I’m really hoping that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will.

We already know that Mahershala Ali will be playing Blade in the upcoming movie.

The movie’s about to go into production, and is expected to be released in 2023.

Are you looking forward to this upcoming Blade movie?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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