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Marvel Studios’ President Kevin Feige is reportedly interested in taking a bigger role at Disney. Feige has been working on Marvel films even before the MCU was a thing. 20th Century Fox’s X-Men back in the 2000s was his first Marvel film as an associate producer. He’s done only Marvel films and TV up until now. He’s been with Marvel for 23 years and still going.

Many consider Feige the main reason why we have the MCU now. And because of the success of the MCU and Marvel Studios, movie conglomerates are trying to recreate that shared cinematic universe concept. Universal tried to start a universe with classic movie monsters twice. Warner also tried The King Arthur Universe.

Sony tried The Dark Tower Universe, which was supposed to connect the stories by Stephen King. Warner Bros’ own DC Universe is rebooting, so obviously, it didn’t work for them either. No movie studio has come close to what Marvel has done under the leadership of Kevin Feige.

Back in 2019, he was given the title of president of Marvel Studios and also got the title of chief creative officer in anything related to Marvel. This includes comics, animation, games, and more.

Right now, Feige is in the topmost position at Marvel. Where can he go from there? Does he plan to move higher than that?

Could Kevin Feige be Interested In Getting A Bigger Role at Disney

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In a recent episode of The Hot Mic (via The Direct), Jeff Sneider reported that Kevin Feige might have his sights on getting a major role under Disney.

I’ve heard the job that Kevin has always coveted is that of Alan Bergman.

Alan Bergman is the co-chairman of Disney Entertainment under The Walt Disney Company. Bergman oversees projects from Disney, Walt Disney Animation, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Studios and Searchlight Pictures.

So far, Bergman is believed to be one of the best candidates for taking over Bob Iger’s role as CEO of The Walt Disney Company. As we reported before, Bob Iger’s role as CEO is not long-term. Iger retired from Disney back in 2020. But he was recently asked to return to the seat in November 2022. That is until Disney finds a replacement.

If Bergman gets the CEO of Disney, his position as co-chairman of Disney Entertainment will open up to other candidates. It looks like Feige might be interested in it.

Sneider added:

Feige wants to be the number two at Disney

Other than that, we reported earlier that Bob Iger saved Kevin Feige from being fired because he saw how much potential Feige had. Because of this, Iger could back up Feige if he’s interested in the job.

Not Easy To See Kevin Feige Not Working On Marvel

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It’s not impossible to see Kevin Feige taking a bigger position under Disney. He dedicated most of his time to Marvel projects, and only recently, he’s just dived into producing a Star Wars film. In other words, he’s dipping his toes into other things other than Marvel.

Just a few months ago, we reported that Feige could be planning to leave Marvel after the release of Avengers: Secret Wars. The film ends Phase 6 of the MCU and it will also be the conclusion of the Multiverse Saga. And to tell you the truth, it does feel like it’s a good time for him to take on new things.

If that does happen, Feige will leave a big opening for someone to take over. Who would be taking over his place? It’s really hard to see anyone replace him. Brad Winderbaum could be a potential candidate, but then again, we don’t see him in the public eye as much as we see Feige.

I mean, Feige is like Steve Jobs, whom everyone listened to whenever he got up on stage. Apple was never the same when Jobs passed away. I worry that this might happen with Marvel Studios and the MCU when someone else takes over.

On the other hand, if Feige does want the position at Disney Entertainment, it would actually be exciting to see what he could do.

What do you think of Kevin Feige being interested in getting a more prominent role at Disney? Do you think he’ll leave Marvel Studios? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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