Keanu Reeves Reportedly Offered The Role Of Kraven The Hunter In A Solo Film

It’s being reported that Sony Pictures has offered Keanu Reeves the role of Kraven The Hunter in a solo film. This report comes from The Illuminerdi, and they ten to be pretty much spot on with these sorts of scoops.

There have been rumours for what seems like years that Keanu Reeves was being looked at for multiple Marvel Comics roles. I’ve seen outlets claim that he was up for the role of Ghost Rider quite a few times, and then all sorts of other Marvel Comics characters over the years.

However, it seems as though Sony Pictures have gone ahead and offered the Canadian actor the chance to play Kraven The Hunter in a solo picture, which is interesting casting. Now, is it the right bit of casting? I’ll explore that in a bit.

Keanu Reeves could play Kraven The Hunter in a solo film


Credit: Marvel Comics

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Here’s what The Illuminerdi had to say about Sony Pictures offering the role of Kraven The Hunter to Keanu Reeves:

We have received word that Sony has given an official offer to Hollywood megastar Keanu Reeves to star as Kraven the Hunter in his own Sony solo film. The project is being referred to simply as Kraven at this time according to our source. We were also given a description of the tone that the studio is shooting for. Our source described the tone of the movie as a mashup of Man on Fire and Logan.

I love Keanu Reeves, and I really do like the idea of him being cast as a Marvel Comics character. However, I’m not so sure Kraven The Hunter is quite right for him, and I have a feeling that he might know this. This is probably why he and his team have yet to accept the role.

Is Keanu Reeves right for the part?

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Kraven The Hunter, in the comics, is also known as Sergei Nikolaevich Kravinoff and he’s Russian. I love Reeves, but there’s one thing he can’t do, and that’s accents. He’s one of those actors who knows what they’re good at and what’s they’re not so good at. This has come after years of being in the business.

There’s also the fact that Kevin Feige has said on multiple occasions that he would love to cast Keanu in the MCU. Should he accept this role with Sony Pictures, that might mean that he could miss out on a role in the actual MCU and not Sony’s Spider-Man cinematic universe.

So, I’m not so sure whether this casting will go through. Kraven The Hunter is a really tricky character to cast because it requires someone very specific for the role. Is Keanu Reeves that person? I just don’t think so. But then again, he could prove me wrong. He would definitely look the part.

What do you think about this bit of casting speculation? Would you like to see Keanu Reeves play Kraven The Hunter in a solo film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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