Fans Think Karl Urban Should Play Kraven the Hunter

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There have been some reports that Sony Pictures has offered the role of Kraven The Hunter to Keanu Reeves. It’s being said that they want to make a Kraven The Hunter solo film and Keanu Reeves is their number one man. However, fans have taken to Twitter to say that they would prefer Karl Urban for the role, and I think they’re right.

Casting these roles is never easy. It’s actually a really difficult job and Kraven The Hunter is a role that’s proven to be very difficult to cast. First off, Kraven is Russian, and there aren’t too many Russian actors working in Hollywood that look a whole lot like the Kraven character from the Marvel comics.

That means that whoever gets the role would have to put on an accent, or they might have to change the character’s origins, and I know that wouldn’t be a popular choice. One thing we all know about Keanu (and this is said with all the love in the world), is that he cannot do accents. Just watch him in Dracula and you’ll know what I mean.

Karl Urban would make a much better Kraven The Hunter than Keanu Reeves (we love you, Keanu)

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One actor who has the right look for the role and is actually able to do accents pretty well is Karl Urban. He’s been incredibly impressive in Amazon Prime’s The Boys and you actually very. rarely hear him do his own accent in movies. He puts on a rather stretched cockney accent in The Boys, but he’s also shown he can do a perfect American accent in movies, as well as a pretty convincing British one.

The thing with Karl Urban is that he also has the perfect look for the role. I would argue that he would look better as Kraven The Hunter than Keanu Reeves would. I actually think both would look pretty awesome in the role, but Karl Urban has more of that gruffness to him that Reeves just doesn’t quite have.

Well, fans on Twitter seem to agree with me and have taken to the social media site to voice their support for Karl Urban as Kraven The Hunter. We’ll have to wait and see what Keanu Reeves opts to do and whether Sony Pictures does go ahead with him in the role.

What do you make of this news? Who do you think would be better for the role of Kraven The Hunter: Reeves or Urban? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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