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Kathryn Newton Says Ant-Man 3 Was The “Easiest Job” Of Her Life


Kathryn Newton was one of the main stars of Ant-Man 3 (Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania), and she was pretty good in the movie as Cassie Lang – Ant-Man’s daughter.

The funny thing is, Newton actually replaced the actor who played the role originally, and we still don’t really know why Marvel decided to recast that particular role.

Emma Fuhrmann played the character in Avengers: Endgame, and for some reason, the movie’s director, Peyton Reed, decided he wanted to change things up for the third Ant-Man movie, and that’s when Kathryn Newton stepped into the role.

However, to add salt into what must be a pretty big wound for Fuhrmann, Newton recently revealed that playing Cassie Lang in Ant-Man 3 was, as she put it, “the easiest job of my life”.

Kathryn Newton says Ant-Man 3 was the easiest job of her life!


Credit: Marvel Studios

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During an interview with CinePop, Newton revealed her role in her upcoming movie, Abigail, was much harder than the work she did in Quantumania.

Here’s what Newton had to say on the matter:

[Abigail] was, physically, actually harder than Ant-Man. Ant-Man was the easiest job of my life. It was really fun. [Abigail] was just as fun, but it was different. We had a real set, we had real props, real people. So whatever inspiration you get is from what’s happening right in front of you, and I didn’t have to make it up. There was no green screen. And that was much more freeing than I was prepared for.

Is Acting in a Marvel movie really that easy…?


Credit: Marvel Studios

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That’s quite interesting to hear her admit. Abigail is a pretty full-on horror movie, and they can be really fun to act in, but they can also be quite demanding.

It sounds as though working on a superhero movie nowadays is pretty easy, especially if you compare the work to acting in a horror film.

I haven’t done too much acting in my time on this Earth. I’ve done a few school plays and a short movie or two. So, I can’t really give an opinion on what it must be like to act in a horror movie or a superhero flick.

However, if Newton’s comments are anything to go by, it sounds as though starring in a Marvel movie is pretty much a walk in the park compared to being in a scary picture.

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What do you make of this news?

Are you shocked at all by Kathryn Newton’s recent comments regarding her time acting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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