The Karl Urban Netflix Sci-Fi Action Film That Needs A Sequel


In the realm of sci-fi action films, few have garnered as much cult following as the 2012 film Dredd, starring Karl Urban. Currently streaming on Netflix, this gritty reboot of the iconic Judge Dredd character has been the subject of sequel talks among fans and critics alike.

Despite not setting the box office on fire upon its release, Dredd has found a second life on streaming platforms, particularly Netflix. The film’s dark atmosphere, relentless action, and Karl Urban’s compelling performance have made it a topic of discussion, especially when it comes to the possibility of a sequel.

The Original Film: A Gritty Reimagining


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Karl Urban’s Portrayal

Karl Urban donned the helmet and deadpan expression of the legendary Judge Dredd, a role he slipped into with a kind of grim charm that’s simply irresistible. His portrayal of the iconic character was met with critical acclaim, as he brought a level of depth and nuance that was missing from previous adaptations.

The Storyline

Set in the dystopian streets of Mega-City One, Dredd follows Judge Dredd and his recruit, Cassandra Anderson, as they take on the merciless drug lord Ma-Ma. The film doesn’t shy away from depicting the visceral violence and grim realities of this future society, making it a nail-biting journey from start to finish.

Why It Deserves A Sequel


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A Cult Following

Over the years, Dredd has developed a cult following, especially among fans of the original comic series. This growing fan base argues that the film laid a solid foundation that is ripe for expansion, with an entire universe left to explore.

The Open-Ended Nature

The original movie leaves a tantalizing possibility for a sequel, one where we could delve deeper into the complex law system of Mega-City One, explore the intricacies of Dredd’s character, and perhaps even venture beyond the confines of the city.

The Netflix Factor


Credit: DNA Films

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Streaming Success

The film’s availability on Netflix has introduced it to a new generation of viewers, further fueling the demand for a sequel. Netflix, known for reviving cult classics, could be the perfect platform for Dredd 2.

Aligning With Netflix’s Strategy

Netflix has been investing heavily in sci-fi and action genres, making a Dredd sequel align perfectly with the streaming giant’s current strategy. A sequel could potentially be a significant addition to Netflix’s growing library of action-packed, thought-provoking films.

Final Thoughts on Karl Urban starring in a Dredd 2


Credit: DNA Films

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The clamour for a Dredd sequel is not just a whim of nostalgic fans; it’s a demand grounded in the film’s artistic success and its newfound popularity on streaming platforms. Karl Urban’s portrayal of Judge Dredd has been lauded as one of the most faithful to the source material, and the film itself has been praised for its gritty realism and intense action sequences.

The original Dredd film managed to capture the essence of the comic series while adding its unique flair, making it a standout in the genre of sci-fi action films. With its growing cult following and the potential for rich storytelling, a sequel could be a golden opportunity to build upon the lore established not only in the 2012 movie but also within the extensive history of the comic series.

As the lines between cinema and streaming services continue to blur, a Dredd sequel could serve as a landmark project that satisfies long-time fans while attracting new ones. It’s high time that studios listen to the growing clamor and give fans a chance to ride alongside Judge Dredd once more, in what could potentially unfold as a dark yet captivating saga of justice in a world teetering on the brink of chaos.

What do you make of this news? Would you like to see a Dredd 2 starring Karl Urban? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Karl Urban’s Dredd is available to stream on Netflix right now!

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