Jurassic World: Dominion Stomps To £315 Million Worldwide


Jurassic World: Dominion opened this past Friday in newer markets including the UK and US and has now taken a bite out of the global box office.

The film sits on £315m ($389m) with a massive £117m ($144m) opening in North America alone!

This is despite a trove of poor critical reviews putting the film even behind the negatively received (at least by critics) Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

However, it appears audiences are loving the dinosaur nostalgia-filled blockbuster!

In the UK as expected the film topped the box office with £12.5m ($15.4m), £7.8m ($9.7m) in France and £4.3m ($5.4m) in Spain.

Jurassic World: Dominion Cruising to $1 Billion?


Credit: Universal Pictures

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Elsewhere Tom Cruise continues to blast ahead towards his first (£800m) $1 billion dollar blockbuster and will certainly see movement with Father’s Day in the US very soon.

It saw a -40% drop over last weekend, as screenings in 4DX/IMAX moved over to Jurassic World: Dominion but it didn’t have a hugely detrimental effect.

In Japan, it only dropped -5% with another ££ 26.5 ($33m) added to the box office, and in the UK it’s now taken a whopping £52m ($63m) so far for a total of £606m ($747m) before Sunday is over in many markets.

However, the title of 2022’s biggest global release so far now goes to Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness.

The Marvel/Disney sequel has now taken over £431m ($532m) from outside America for a running total of £755m ($930m) worldwide.

Considering the film hasn’t seen a release in the huge Chinese market, or Russia as a result of their invasion of Ukraine, it’s a fantastic number and surely a sign the box office is getting back to ‘normal’.

It will certainly be interesting to see how Top Gun fares over the next weekend (it’s 4th week of release) and if the reviews and critical reception to Jurassic World: Dominion take a negative effect after the initial buzz is over.

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