Josh Trank Says He Isn’t Surprised People Don’t Like His Capone Movie

Capone’s director, Josh Trank, has revealed he’s not surprised people didn’t like his movie which stars Tom Hardy as the infamous American gangster.

Josh Trank’s been talking a lot recently.

He’s been chatting about what happened during his time making his Fantastic Four movie.

Trank also revealed that his latest film was about to be released, Capone.

Capone stars Tom Hardy as Al Capone, a role the actor’s been desperate to play for years.

However, the movie hasn’t been reviewed very well by critics, yet Trank recently revealed he’s not surprised by this.

Josh Tranks really isn’t shocked people didn’t like Capone


Tom Hardy as Capone in Josh Trank’s new movie – Credit: Vertical Entertainment

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Here’s what Josh Trank said about the film’s reception during an interview with IndieWire:

I don’t want to say I’m not surprised. It was hard to tell what the reactions were going to be, because from where I stand, I love the movie deeply. There’s nothing anybody could tell me about this movie that would make me feel any less of the amount of love that I have for it.

The bad reviews on Fantastic Four, for me, were not talking about anything that I felt I had a connection to, because it was a lot of stuff that I didn’t have anything to do with. But with the worst reviews of this movie, they do feel like a mirror, but in a way that doesn’t make me feel ashamed.

I’m not worried about a Rotten Tomatoes percentage or anything.

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